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VG Exiles - Episode 3

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Sep 20, 2011 | 12:01 PM EDT

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Author Comments

VG Exiles - Episode 3: SHADOWLAWLESS

After two years, the long-awaited VG Exiles Episode 3 is finally here!

Now boasting the incredible art direction of CE-RAP, this episode represents the first step of an evolutionary leap for the series. It's been a long and perilous journey, but now CE-RAP and I are ready to dazzle you with a flash unlike any you have ever seen before!

It's long, huge, and EXTRAORDINARILY graphic intensive, so make sure that you see it on a good computer with a good connection. Also make sure that you have a comfortable seat, because this baby runs for half an hour!

I must thank Tom Fulp for allowing this video to premiere here on Newgrounds. To my knowledge, it is the largest flash submission in the history of this site! So... be patient with that loading bar...

Finally, I must thank the many voice actors who so generously helped CE-RAP and I tell this story:


It's about time I got this out, huh?

(Oh, and if anybody knows the song playing in the Shadowlaw scene, please note me in a PM and I'll credit it here. I lost the info when my computer died a few months ago.)



CE-Rap says the following---

I just wanted to personally thank Tom Fulp for giving us the green light. This size is pretty much gonna be a standard for every episode now, so Tom---thank you.

A very big thank you to all the rabid fans! Your comments are awesome, your support is humbling, and your words are endearing. Thanks for never giving up on R1, and thanks for making me feel at home on this site.

A BIGLY-HUGELY-BIG thanks to ALL our fantastic voice actors. All of you deserve a standing ovation for bringing emotion to the sprites and my artwork. I sincerely look forward to working with you guys in the future. Joshua is the only one I've spoken to personally, thus far, so a special shout out to him for coming through in a pinch.

I know I can get wordy so lemme just say this last part and I'll leave you guys to watch this in peace. When R1 and I first started this in April, he was of the mind that I was just supplying simple pictures. Neither one of us EVER expected this current juggernaut of an episode---the genesis of what we believe will be one of the best Flash series on Newgrounds, period. He took heed to my belief that this series could be legendary and the man deserves ALL DUE credit for keeping up with my never-ending and ever expanding imagination-which, as he has learned, moves at FTL speeds. This release cements the birthplace of a truly beautiful partnership. I am proud to know him, proud to work with him, and proud to call him my friend.

Cheers to you, "Riggie."



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I agree

This is sweet but I agree with the comment below mines, it would be great to see some SNK characters in this, but keep up the good work, when can we be exspecting the next episode?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh wow

holllly shit is what i have to say man you guys need to keep this up but one question? is there any chance of getting some snk characters into this series i would love to see some of them square of with others over all man like i said earlier keep this shit up

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Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 5 / 5 stars


One of the best series ive ever seen!!! No joke.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Everything about this. Everything. Absolutely EVERYTHING about this episode. The artwork, the storyline, the characters chosen, the fighting, the voice acting, the chosen soundtrack(s), the series' MUGEN Roots...

I seriously and absolutely love each and every single one of you that contributes to this project to make it all happen. This is, like... I don't know how to put it. Words simply cannot express how truly great and awe-inspiring this work of art is. And it is truly that; a work of art. This cannot be explained in any other way. It's like a dream come true. :D

Once again, I sincerely love R1665 for the truly wonderful writing you've done for this, CE-Rap for the absolutely proffessional-looking visual art drawn for this, and Rina-chan, Darkwolf, Antfish, Ebonyte, dragonknighttara, Kimlinh, Shock-Dingo and Joshua for the truly excellent voice-acting work that you contribute to this nothing-less-than-a masterpiece of a work of art. You have all truly made my day, my week, and perhaps my entire year even, by comming together to make this series happen. I would seriously pay money for this, and I think that this is worth at the very least $10,000 total. That's my opinion, at least.