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Sep 18, 2011 | 8:50 PM EDT

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the sabby collab. in all its overpooped glory

The peoples er/SporeDotCam er/kaptinmorshu Spores alt er/Carmelo580 er/mrjlbrown er/jamesdeth er/theraz0redge er/foxspyfox er/mrpresidentfox er/ytpgirlaph er/drstudiomantonic er/Robotehrobot323ALT er/justinw1134
and uncle stu

if im leaving anyone out please tell me
you can also watch it in HQ here tch?v=CPXWj4fvsZU



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Thought so.

Lemme guess: You came from Youtube and it's your first day on Newgrounds, right? ...Yup.

I could tell before looking at your profile, because you made all the mistaakes that youtube people make.

You haven't spent enough time here on Newgrounds yet, because you haven't realised that we don't like youtube around here. We're not happy when someone comes here and starts spouting off about their youtube account or subscribing or their youtube buddies. If you do that' you'll be unpopular right away.

Why? Because a lot of crap comes over here from Youtube. Unfortunately, your submission does NOTHING to change our opinions!

Although it is animation instead of video, it's still hard to watch and the loud sounds, screaming, flashing colors, and such make it hard to watch. Then it has no plot or story, so it gains you nothing there, either.

Before you submit anything else, I suggest you hang out here for a while and learn about what's cool and not cool around here. Newgrounds is for animation, not videos. However, even the animation needs to have SOME merit to it. Don't submit crap or you'll fill your account with either blams or crap, neither of which are good.

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This is NOT youtube poop.


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