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Riddle Transfer

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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Jun 6, 2011 | 2:16 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged June 7, 2011
  • Daily Feature June 7, 2011
  • Weekly 2nd Place June 7, 2011

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Author Comments

Hey, everyone. I've changed my online username. I am no longer JonBro, and I won't be continuing anything that was made with the JonBro name. If you want to see an archive of my older work as well as what I'm up to now, you can find out here:
Riddle Transfer 2 has been officially cancelled since July 2012.

I'm sorry to say I will not make any more Riddle School games and that I've moved on.

Read here to find out why:

Thanks for all the support for these games over the years, everyone.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dear John,
Hello John! I have just joined NewGrounds purely because I wanted to ask you a question. I know nothing about game making, or about NewGrounds at all, but I would like to learn for one purpose ; to make the sequel to this game. I'm not really positive that it would be greatly in my odds to make the game as great as your previous games, but I would like to give it a try! I believe people deserve another game of this, and maybe I can extend the series entirely! What I am asking you is if you would give me the permission and honor to attempt to continue this amazing series. I understand if you do not wish to give me that honor and permission, but I really would like to try and give this my best shot! Thank you in advance!

Yours Truly,

(P.S, if you DO allow me to do this, do you have any tips or websites you used to make this series? That would be great! Thank you!)

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JonBro responds:

I'm honored that you would make such a request! However, I'm not particularly interested in this game being given a continuation. I think the Riddle School games nearly overstayed their welcome when I released Riddle Transfer, and the plans I had for the rest of the series are plans I'm not proud of. I'd probably make the sequel myself if I felt like there should be one, but I don't have any plans for that at the moment.

Still, I'll gladly give you some tips anyways, since you seem to have an interest in designing point-and-click games.
Flash games are made with a program called, well, Flash, Flash has its own built-in programming language called ActionScript. Specifically, I've been using Macromedia Flash 8 Professional with ActionScript 2.0, although both Flash 8 and AS2 are considered basically obsolete and aren't as easily accessible as they once were. If you happen to get your hands on a copy of Flash that also has ActionScript 2.0, I made this wacky tutorial a while back on how to make a basic point-and-click game:

Lately, I've been using a program called GameMaker: Studio. None of the games I've posted online are made with GM:S; it's not designed for Flash games, but I'm pretty sure there's a purchasable extra feature that allows you to export to HTML5. I'm mentioning GameMaker as an option because I would say, for the most part, it's easier to use than Flash is for game development. It has drag-and-drop features for beginners so that you can make simple games without any need of programming, but for more advanced work, GameMaker's built-in language called GML is similar to ActionScript 2.0, which I consider very intuitive compared to most programming languages.

Neither Flash nor GM:S is free, but the current (and in my opinion, far less user-friendly) version of Flash usually has a free 30-day trial, and you can get GM:S with most of its features at no cost, but the free version has an easily reachable limit on how many objects and things you can make.

Hope this helps!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ah, it was wonderful to play these old games again. It's been months since i last thought about these, when i got some tune stuck in my head that i REALLY wanted to remember more clearly since it was pretty good, and after some searching of a rather large number of old flash games, i came across this, and i am glad i did, as the music i experienced once again captivated me.

Hm... Suddenly i feel like big toe. Meh, whatever.

Even if it is a shame that this fantastic little flash series was cut shorts due to the stress, i must thank you for making it in the first place.

Unfortunately, the track i was looking for wasn't in this series, although i DID find it with the Henry Stickmin series.

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JonBro responds:

Good ol' Henry Stickmin.

Stress wasn't the whole reason for cancelling the rest of the series, but that was certainly part of it. I also just wasn't really satisfied with what I'd come up for the rest of the series and wanted to move on to different things.

I'm glad the series has given you so much enjoyment, and now I kinda want to know what track you were looking for so that I can also get it stuck in my head.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey JonBro

I love your riddle school/transfer games. They are so much fun. Me and my cousins use to repeatably play each of your riddle school and race to see who finishes it first.
However the cliffhanger of this riddle transfer game is way to intense with nothing to com after it. I know you said your done and i completely respect that but i was wondering if you could possibly tell us what you had planned for the next four riddle transfer?

Thanks Miniturekid

JonBro responds:

As luck would have it, I have a detailed description of my canceled plans here:
I have actually given some thought of going against these plans and making something different that's Riddle School-related, but no promises. Right now I feel like I have ideas for games that would be even better than that.
Thank you so much for your support, and I hope I can give you the same kind of enjoyment with my future projects!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Since your Not Making Any More RS Games, (and I'm fine with that) Will You Still Be Making Games, Or Did You Quit? Great Game Tho!

JonBro responds:

I'm still making games!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is still the great game I used to play before when I was younger. When I first found out this series,I was stumped at every single game and had to use the walkthrough. In my opinion,this opened up a new horizon for Point and click adventure games,the puzzles were well thought,the story was planned and the art is good as well. It's really sad that we will never be able to see a Riddle Transfer 2,or any more of the Riddle School series. You did good Jon. You did good.