Troll Physics Collab

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Comedy - Parody

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Mar 14, 2011 | 9:45 PM EDT

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Notice: PM the programmer, Erty with questions about the collab itself. I will still accept hate mail though, because some of it is pretty funny.

The long wait is over!!!

This collab has been in the works since October. It was inspired by the phenomenon known as troll physics. Although it originated on 4chan, newgrounds also adopted this trend. Since newgrounds, a skillful community, adopted it, it booster in quality.

This trend even started a gigantic thread on the general board, which, ironically, was eventually locked due to trolling. /bbs/topic/1202432

I know some of these submissions seem low in quality, but that's part of the allure. It is supposed to seem like a troll made it. But trust me, these were all made by very skilled individuals.


And talking about reviews, I am going to rant about it for a moment. This is a review space. Not a youtube comment space.

You should put well thought-out reviews that offer constructive criticism, not immature one-liners like "LOL that wasnt funny, i this is not gud and is like 4chan/b/akjhf;qwkhdf;kjhd f 0/5 lolololol"

Any questions regarding music should be asked in a private message to the animator, if it is not found in the audio credits. Leaving a question in the reviews or PMing me will not get you an answer.



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I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit disappointed

I understand that collabs are a hard thing to run. And I understand it's difficult to find people willing to help out.

The idea, on paper, was good. And I generally I expected it to be pretty awesome despite not having a taste for this kind of thing.

However, put in example the original thread Poozy locked. It was mostly because so many people wanted to share their creations over and over and over and over again--that's a little bit like what happened here.

I feel like I was made to sit through a collab that was far too long for the content. And all the ideas were astoundingly similar, space, laws of physics. While that's all good for a few laughs, it would have been better to assign people certain subjects that they could twist.

The-Psycho-Ragdoller had the right idea imo.

But even if you fix that, there's still a bigger problem. The quality of animation was just so low I couldn't bring myself to enjoy it.

Erty's menu and preloader were mega-awesome. So I was expecting that to be followed up once I got to watching the flash, but it didn't. I guess if I had to point out some people that were good enough to hold their own. It would be Sacros, Irrelephant, Erty and SimpleAnimator.

And I'm a little sad those were the few I enjoyed.

"I know some of these submissions seem low in quality, but that's part of the allure. It is supposed to seem like a troll made it. But trust me, these were all made by very skilled individuals."

Whether jokingly or not, it's not really a valid excuse.

Basically, I think you let too many people in. I think you weren't prepared to tell some of them 'Right, it's not good enough, here's how you might be able to improve though'. There were some good animators in there, when collabing you're meant to help others with their two cents. Why that didn't happen isn't any of my business, I just think it should have.

The 'It's made to look shitty on purpose' line isn't really acceptable when it comes to artistic value. And this isn't the worst collab to hit the portal by a long, long shot.

I just think that for five months worth of work, it wasn't up to my expectations. Sorry.

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IncendiaryProduction responds:

If you remember when troll physics was popular, it was all done shitty. People that were PS experts were making poorly done drawings in MS paint. It's just part of it.

I am truly sorry I disapointed you, and I agree I should have assigned parts and restricted the number of people.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

What, no quiz?

I would've enjoyed a physics test on this.
Anyway, funny collab. Crude humor, but funny nonetheless. I like how a lot of it makes sense at first glance. Some jokes (or lists) were funnier than others, but all in all I laughed.
No problem here, ociffer.


Rated 5 / 5 stars




The 4chan of the future, today.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love troll physics, so I was expecting a lot here, but frustratingly enough the lists when by too damn fast. Although I did really like the rough, crude graphic style, and the trollface is fucking hilarious. Also nice choice of music; who doesn't like The Entertainer? A lot of these, though, simply were not funny. Mostly because a lot of them went by too quickly for you to dwell on them and really get it. Also you didn't include my animation :P

IncendiaryProduction responds:

I don't know why it wasn't in there. I will check on that.


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It seems that some reviewers didn't get it which means that you've wasted their time.

Trolling is about wasting the time of others.

This flash about trollphysics is, in and of itself, a troll.


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IncendiaryProduction responds:

This guy get's it.