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Everybody Edits 1.0+

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May 10, 2010 | 12:19 PM EDT

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Hey Everybody
Use arrowkeys/asdf to move and space to jump.

[Edit... 819]
3 Years down the line we now have weekly updates with new content!

[Edit... 3]
Just got featured, thanks thanks thanks!

[Edit: Wow green! Thanks, you make it worth making updates!]
[Edit2: Blue... you bring a tear to my eye!]

So, it's finally time for an update to my realtime multiplayer level editor. Even though I gathered a lot of feedback from the original I have yet to have time to implement it all into this new version.

So what is actually new?

* Better physics
There is currently a trend to build small platform games. The old physics was to slippery and it felt like you where skidding around on ice, thus I rewrote the physics.

* Locked rooms
In locked rooms, only the people with the correct edit key is able to edit the world. So if you are a creator and hate other people messing your stuff up, this is the feature for you.

* Updated lobby
To allow for the influx of new users and new features I rewrote the lobby to something that can handle more than 500 concurrent users.

* Sever update
It's stable, rooms run as long as there is someone in them, and we have not seen a server crash in weeks.

* A lot of small updates, I forgot most of them but here is a few.
- Your smiley is now always on top
- Fixed bug in arrows that made gravity work differently depending on smiley orientation
- Made it easier to find the secret black brick

In the pipeline is still persistent rooms (So you can save), but I am still waiting for the final release of the Player.IO thus stay tuned!

As NG has been a primary source of great ideas, I hope that you'll review the game so I can make the next version even better!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy sh*t this has grown

I have been watching this game since it has been submitted to NG and I can say "Good Job!" this game has grown big time. All it needs now are a few of things:

-Chat Box
-Moving Blocks
-More Colors
-Holding The Mouse!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Chat function would be nice but , but i still like the strange simple communication between people . but it would be nice if there was an account with username and a way of adding certain dedicated people.
Definitly needs a save function or at least a delay after you leave the level, it suddenly crashed even with players in it the level still disappeared. Levels filtered by a rating system or time spent editing , rather than player count?
I also tried using an auto click program to edit faster with no effect.
Its simple and addictive, would adding more to the game make it complicated, ruin it?

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very entertaining and fun!
You can really have hours of fun with this simple game, as there are always new levels to explore!
One thing that is bad is the trolls... I know you can't do anything about them but they just ruin everything you do!

PS: To fight back a troll, follow him and push him in a corner, like I did with one, troll them so hard by stopping them from any movement and by sticking them in a corner, they'll eventually log out!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

What type of smiley are you?

This was pretty entertaining. And after playing this for about an hour, I've categorized the different types of smileys I've stumbled upon.

Smiley Smileys -- These are the guys that have no other purpose than to fly anywhere and everywhere, usually getting stuck in dead ends.
Art Smileys -- Pretty obvious. These guys actually take the time to create beautiful (or not so beautiful) pieces using squares and arrows.
Dick Smileys -- The art smileys' natural enemy. You'll know if a dick smiley has been through if your masterpiece is suddenly reduced to nothing in seconds.
Master Dick Smileys -- An art smiley who's turned to the dark side. The MDS will deliberately go out of their way to create huge elaborate traps and mazes for everyone to fall into.
Master Art Smileys -- You'll likely never see these guys. They spend all their time in their own world, creating uninterrupted. Locked!

If you're wondering what I am, I'm an art smiley. I hate you, dick smileys!

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

Poor Man's Minecraft Rip-Off

Nothing about this game is the slightest bit original. You rip off not only the concept, but the very minutia of the population of block types straight from minecraft (poorly, I might add, couldn't even rip-off chat functionality?) while making no mention of it. What isn't ripped off from minecraft is taken straight from commercial games and software. This may be par for par for the Newgrounds course, but that doesn't magically make you not a talentless hack. All you did was take an existing game with cult appeal for its genuine innovations and make it crappy, programming it sloppily, yielding 3 seconds of latency for actions YOU perform and unmanageable physics that makes the prospect of simply jumping on a single block frustrating. It grieves me to know that you are able to amass popularity, no matter how petty and temporary, using such blatant and tasteless tactics.