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Punk-o-matic 2

rated 4.46 / 5 stars
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Jan 20, 2010 | 12:28 AM EST
  • Frontpaged January 27, 2010
  • Daily Feature January 21, 2010
  • Weekly 3rd Place January 27, 2010

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Inspiration 5 Points Learn 1 cover!
Junk Keeper 5 Points Collect 10 stage items!
New Comer 5 Points Play a good concert at the garage!
Perfectionist I 5 Points Play a perfect song during a concert!
Streak Novice 5 Points Do a 100 notes streak!
Crazy Gig 10 Points Play a sold-out concert at the concert hall!
From The Best 10 Points Learn 5 covers!
Full Bar 10 Points Play a sold-out concert at the bar!
Junk Amateur 10 Points Collect 25 stage items!
Local Punker 10 Points Play a good concert at the bar!
Perfectionist II 10 Points Play 2 perfect songs during a concert!
Popular 10 Points Play a sold-out concert at the garage!
Rising Star 10 Points Play a good concert at the theater!
Serious Player 10 Points Play a good concert at the concert hall!
Streak Apprentice 10 Points Do a 250 notes streak!
Grand Night 25 Points Play a sold-out concert at the theater!
Homage 25 Points Learn 15 covers!
Junk Hunter 25 Points Collect 50 stage items!
Perfectionist III 25 Points Play 3 perfect songs during a concert!
Rocking The World 25 Points Play a sold-out concert at the stadium!
Shining Star 25 Points Play a good concert at the stadium!
Streak Master 25 Points Do a 500 notes streak!
Cover Band 50 Points Learn 30 covers!
Junk Collector 50 Points Collect 100 stage items!
Punk Legend 50 Points Play a good concert at the park!
Writing History 50 Points Play a sold-out concert at the park!

Author Comments

Hello everyone! Here's a massive submission for you!!! I worked very long and hard on this with a bunch of people! I really hope you enjoy Punk-o-matic 2! Create songs, share them, make a band, do concerts & more! Connect with other people on here and on the official website.

Official website:
Official facebook: unkoMatic
Official youtube: er/OfficialPunkoMatic

LAG: If you're having lag problems, lower the quality in the options, reduce the animation level and disable the concert lights. You can also download the game and that should help a lot.

Make sure you check out the Tips in-game and on the Official Website to help you make some awesome songs.

Punk-o-matic Pro is in development. For more information, check out this link (remove the spaces):
http://www.punk-o-matic.n et/index.php?option=com_c ontent&view=article&id=19 7&Itemid=133

The mobile version of Punkomatic 1 will also be available soon.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was so hard for me not to write a review until now, but I had to save it for my first good song. (which will be at the bottom for those of you who are too lazy to read the rest, and are also incredibly stupid)

The only concerns I had with it, you covered in the author comments.

The lag is my biggest problem, but my complaining won't make a fix that's already being worked on come any faster.

The complexity blew my mind. Dude, you rule so hard. It took me forever to make my first song worthy enough to keep, but now I know the riffs a little better. I have no musical experience, so a learning curve is expected.

The controls I changed up before I even started to play. I adjusted them to my fancy. It works pretty well, so if anyone else wants them, it's:

upleft=z, up=up, upright=x
downleft=left arrow, down=down, downright= right arrow.

Take em or leave em, but it's what works best for me.

I noticed when I first put a new note down, that the previous not and it didn't really fuse soundwise very well, and therefor didn't flow. When I replayed it another time or two though, it seemed to flow much nicer. Something you may want to look into, but it's not the biggest deal.

Anyway, here's my song. I put a lot of effort, time, and hot pockets into it to tweak it just right. It's not easy, and it's not too hard (I play on bass, cause it seems to be the easiest for most songs and I'm a noob). I call it Schizophrenic Cowboy :D 1 minute 40 seconds of pure ecstasy, if I may brag ;P

(Schizophrenic Cowboy)-lcz-cby-gby-gby-cam-cdg-kdc-a af-gaf-kdg-gdg-cab-aab-aab-cab-gbI-ec H-abI-ecH-abI-ecH-abI-ecH-adt-Z-Z-Z-Z -Z-S,hb-chb-chb-chb-apm-agT-cgS-cnK-c nH-cnK-cnI-cnK-cog-iop-coo-cop-cor-ch z-chA-chz-chA-chz-ahz-ahz-chz-gnu-gnu -gnu-gnu-gbu-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-S,-hgC-cgC-adK akgu-cgt-cgu-cgt-cgu-cgt-qgW-cgY-cgV-
cgK-AgZ-gaN-caO-caA-caB-caN-caO-caA-c aB-caK-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-S,-dhb-chb-chb-apo-a gT-cgS-cgT-cgS-cgT-cgS-cbP-mhv-chx-ch u-chj-opn-c!!-gnv-cna-cbg-cbi-caN-caP -cbg-cbi-caN-caP-cbb-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-S

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Just wow...damn this game is fine... so much better than the first one...the only thing I could ask for is a way to use alternate tunings...but this is still a kick ass game!

Oh check these two out...I have like 6 done, but these are my favorite:
(The Color of Death is Sky Blue)ba-cba-cba-cas-acB-aby-gby-gby-g bE-gaJ-gaJ-gbG-gac-gbS-cbR-cbS-cbR-cb y-cbx-cbE-kcz-cby-gby-gby-gbE-gch-gaD -cab-gdh-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-g,bfaMataabfaMataa bfaMataabfaMataaaa-ccW-cbf-cat-caa-cc W-cbf-cat-cae-aps-aae-apt-aae-aps-aae -apt-apt-cps-cpt-cps-cgY-ggY-ggY-ggY-
gab-cab-caa-ccW-cbf-cat-caa-ccW-cbf-c at-cgv-cgv-cgw-cgw-gan-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-g,aN aAanaaaNaAanaaaNaAanaaaNaAanaaaa-cca-
caN-can-caa-cca-caN-can-cac-cac-cac-c ac-chv-chu-chv-chu-cgz-ggz-ggz-ggz-oa a-cca-caN-can-caa-cca-caN-can-cfW-cfW -cfX-cfX-gaj-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-g,iMixiihTiMix iihTiMixiihTlckNkykjnK-cnK-cnK-cnK-cn K-cnK-cnK-cnK-cae-apn-aae-apm-aae-apn -aae-apm-apm-cpn-cpm-cpn-cnQ-cnQ-cnQ-
cnQ-cnQ-cnQ-cnQ-cnQ-cpo-cpp-cnK-cnK-c nK-cnK-cnK-cnK-cnK-cnK-cnb-cnb-cnb-cn b-gid-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-g

(The Real Shabang!)aa-gaa-gaa-gbz-gbz-gaU-caU-c aU-caU-caU-caU-cbL-gbS-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-
cfB-coN-coN-coN-coN-coN-coN-coN-coN-c oN-coN-coN-coN-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Q,-xgx-ggx -ohi-ghi-ghi-ghi-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-c,-hgY -ggY-ggY-ggY-ghH-ghH-ghH-ghH-ghH-ghH-

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


(Battle with the poison sting)df-cdu-scq-gcp-fdfcq-gcp-ecq-ac q-gcp-fdfcq-gcp-gcD-aak-caj-cak-cap-c cv-gcv-gcv-gcv-gbQ-gbJ-gcv-gcv-gcL-aa F-gaF-gaF-gaF-gaF-gaF-fcA-acv-gcv-gcv -gcv-edu-pdf-dcMdf-Z-Z-Z-i,ap-gbi-caP -cad-cad-cbi-caP-cad-cad-cbi-caP-cad-
cad-cbi-caX-cad-cad-cbi-caX-cal-caX-a bq-cfo-cfo-cfo-cfo-cak-cbh-cak-cbh-ca k-cbh-cak-cbh-apm-aak-cbh-cak-cbh-cak -cbh-cak-cbh-apm-cgO-cnA-cgO-cnE-cgO-
cgO-cgO-cnE-cgO-caS-cgO-cgM-apm-bak-c bh-cak-cbh-cak-cbh-cak-cbh-apm-ant-an t-ant-cnt-ant-ant-bcg-ddhap-Z-Z-Z-i,a k-waO-caB-cab-cab-caO-caB-cab-cab-caO -caB-cab-cab-caO-caB-cab-cab-Z-Z-Z-Aa k-Z-Z-Z-o,if-wbi-caP-cad-cad-cbi-caP-
cad-cad-cbi-caP-cad-cad-cbi-caP-cad-c al-aaX-caX-caX-caX-caX-cnK-cmM-cnK-cm L-cnK-cmM-cnK-cmL-cnK-cmM-cnK-cmL-cnK -cmM-cnK-cmL-enz-gnz-gnz-gnz-gnz-gnz-
gfmnK-cmM-cnK-cmL-cnK-cmM-cnK-cmL-apm -ans-ans-ans-cns-ans-ans-bdl-ddhdl-Z-


Rated 3 / 5 stars


it takes forever to load and the intro lags like shit!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

dude amazing.

i never played the first one, but this game is amazing:D check out my song

(my car)-pbd-cbd-cbd-cbi-cbd-cbd-cbd-cbi-
cbp-gbp-gbp-gbp-c!!!!!!!!bp-gbp-gbp-g bp-gbp-gbp-cao-gbp-gbp-gbp-gbp-Z-Z-Z-
Z-Z-w,-FmI-cmK-cmI-cmN-cmI-cmK-cmI-cm N-cmV-cmV-cmV-cmV-HmY!!-nmY!!-cgm-cgm -cgm-cgm-cgm-cgm-gpq-cpr-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-o,
fL-cfN-cfL-cfM-cfL-cfN-cfL-cfM-cfL-cf N-cfL-cfM-cfL-cfN-cfL-cfM-sfH-gfH-gfH -gfH-gfH-gfH-kfH-gfH-gfH-gfH-Z-Z-Z-Z-
cmP-cmP-cmP-cmP-cmP-cpr-Ipq-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z -o

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