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Oct 10, 2009 | 9:09 PM EDT

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Yeah, I was stupid and I made the final boss ridiculously hard (I added a piece of code I shouldn't have and forgot to take out the text recommending meleeing the boss.) I'm not going back to fix anything; this is a project long finished.


EDIT: HOLY CRAP FRONT PAGE. I've responded to popular opinion and made it so that the Ghosts and Phasers no longer one-hit and so that you can go through enemies after you freeze them with lagbullets.

EDIT2: There appears to be an occasional glitch, especially when the PetPet Park ads are being shown, that causes the user to be sent back to the ad after having clicked "Play". Just refresh the page and try for a different ad. If it still doesn't work, then it's your computer, not my game.

Because they say third time's the charm.

After three months of work with physics, 160 man-hours, and other various time spent testing, I present to you: VEC7OR, now with newer and improved graphics (because everyone hated on the first.) Control the mouse cursor (who has gotten itself trapped in an SWF) using the arrow keys as it navigates through seven very bouncy worlds. Bounce off of the Vector Points lying around these worlds to unlock doors and finally escape back to the computer where you belong. (Oh wait, you're in it anyways, right? Yeah, well shut up.)

If this game gets popular enough, I might add a finishing cutscene (after you beat the final boss.)

Movement - Arrow Keys/WASD
Button Powerup - Spacebar
Pause - P; also gives you access to Hints (arrows that guide you), music control (changing, muting), and an option to restart rooms.
Quality - Q

To those of you who think the game is too hard: just turn on Hints. It'll make life a lot easier, trust me.
If you find any bugs in the game (I believe I weeded just about all of them out with the help of beta testers), just drop me a PM.

Q: OMG this game is too hard/easy
A: The game used to be incredibly hard, but then I had to tone it down because people were complaining. I possibly might add a hard mode if I can figure out how to do so.

Q. When I bounce off an angled surface, I don't go the way I want! Why?
A: It has to do with the physics - it works best at 90 degree increments. If it gets too annoying, just relax and try again. You'll notice that the bounce is actually muted in levels with odd-angled surfaces.

Q: I tried to round a corner of the Phaser level and I bounced off of nothing! Why?
A: It's because the Phaser level is not actually circle-based (which would make for very odd collision detection), but square-based (with a few singular exceptions throughout the level). Sometimes you'll see what looks like a normal circle, but it's really a square. Just move around it.

Q. I'm pressing down the spacebar but I'm not shooting! Why?
A. Shooting is activated when you release the spacebar, not when you press it (to keep people from spamming bullets.)

Q. I fired over 9000 bullets at [insert enemy here], but they not be freezing!
A. Lagbullets work best when you fire one at a time - otherwise the probability of them freezing an enemy goes down.

Q. ong laaaaaag
A. I've done just about everything possible for lag reduction, so the best option is just to play in low quality. Press Q to cycle through qualities.

Q. Why can't I play the Final Boss again after I beat it?
A. Due to a glitch that would freeze up the screen. You can play it again if you open and close the game again, or just refresh the page.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not too shabby...

Good concept, I liked that, the music wasn't too hot though...
Umm, Didn't think it was too hard and the difficulty increased accordingly in my opinion...

Got a bit dry after level 5 i think though...

Someone said something about improving in number two?//
I second that...

Different music i think, something with a bit more depth...

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

very fun :D

though flustrating at times..very good :)
and i love your comments :3


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

For ppl who cant play it

Just wait for a few second then you can play, because there is NO preloader.

For this game: fair graphic, fair gameplay and fair sounds
So I give it 7 ^^

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I only get a white screen. But i will give it a ten anyway, because it got on the frontpage and i hate it when people zero awesome games because they wont work on their shitboxes.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Second Mugger Level

...How? I was playing and actually enjoying the game up until this point. The brakes do NOTHING as far as I can tell. I know I have them equipped, because I can see myself slow down when I press spacebar. However, they do not help with the one-way arrows at all. I went around that circuit about three dozen times without ever once coming close to making it in that tiny hole; with how bouncy the physics are, getting into a hole that small would be tricky ~without~ the one-ways. Arg.

Perhaps make it so that the brakes completely negate one-ways? That would play heck with your level design I'm sure, but it would make them a more useful powerup, and make that level a lot less frustrating.

Anyway, I'm sorry I can't make it through, because I was actually enjoying the game up 'till that point... Ah, well. You get a 7; not the best game I've ever played, but far from the worst.