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Jun 19, 2009 | 8:52 AM EDT

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Fail a level 5 Points Failure doesn't stop me.
Level 5 10 Points Science 101 Student
Play a custom level 10 Points Systems Designer
Level 10 25 Points Hobby Engineer
Level 15 25 Points Galileo Galilei
Level 20 50 Points Isaac Newton Scholar
Level 25 50 Points Goldberg's Associate
Level 30 100 Points Rube Goldberg's Medal of Honor

Author Comments

Dynamic Systems is an addictive physics game inspired by the Rube Goldberg Machines. Use your logic and skill to complete and fix the broken structures to make the little metal ball go in the bucket. The game has 40 levels, all different.

In the game there is an EDITOR to create your own level and share it with friends thanks to a code generator. Simply make the level, get the code and then you can pass the code to a friend as a challenge!

- 30 addictive levels.
- Original music.
- In-game custom level editor.
- 20 different physics tools to use when designing levels.
- "Share level" with friends.

- Use mouse to play.
- Click and drag objects from the left-hand editor and place them in the correct place to guide the ball to the bucket.
- Click "Start" to get the ball rolling!

If the solution fails, its normal don't freack out, just click START again and it work smooth. :) It's called Theory of Caos! :D
P.S. Level 23 is not bugged, its just hard to beat! ;)

Medals ready! :D

Thank you for the frontpage the solution of the levels have been fixed! :)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome game

some levels i didnt use all the tools


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Physic games Rules


Rated 5 / 5 stars

just made one that works and im happy

49|F,S5|72.5|145.75|-50|F,S5|88.5|295 .1|-99|F,S5|120.6|322.2|-128|F,S4|370 .75|315.7|-52|F,S4|245.5|285.6|58|F,S 1|462.95|292.75|0|F,Ball|141.65|132|0 |F,Basket|321|336|0|F,S1|357.85|150.3 5|0,S1|467|203.45|0,S6|414|175.4|0,S1 |208.5|150.35|0|F,S12|552.4|116.75|-1 14|F,S12|534.4|221|-45|F,S12|123.65|2 23|78|F,S19|209.85|327.2|-46|F,S5|193 .75|330.2|-146|F,S5|214.85|301.15|-14 6|F,S3|164.75|316.15|0|F,S5|206.8|318 .15|-135|F,S5|196.75|336.2|-136|F,S5|
05|-77|F,S5|63.45|230|-75,S5|56.45|16 8.8|-62|F,S6|454.2|174.85|0|F,S18|182 .45|325.7|-58|F,


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

preety coll and original

Grat game!Try this level.
S17|268.3|43.85|0|F,S17|372.15|19|0|F ,S17|467.45|1.25|0|F,S17|522.45|82.6|
0|F,S17|509.3|183.35|0|F,S17|429.45|2 38.35|0|F,S17|328.75|258.5|0|F,S17|24 7.4|318.15|0|F,S5|189.25|254.6|0,Ball |287.75|102.35|0|F,Basket|372.85|105.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I swear I just spent nearly an hour and a half or more trying to beat this game. Rube Goldberg's devices have always fascinated me. I appreciate someone bringing the game to Newgrounds. 10/10 5/5

I'm stuck on level 28 at the moment!