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Jun 16, 2009 | 10:57 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature June 16, 2009

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CONRTOLS ::::::::
Move & Shoot : Mouse (left button)
Switch to Agressive Mode : Spacebar
Reload : "R" on your keyboard

HINT ::::::::
For the Mission with the 6 snipers, there's one hidding at your right behind a window...


Vinnie is back in town and doing what he does best... sifting heads. While on vacation the Grey Mafia has been regrouping, which should not bother Vinnie that much. Taking out members of this clan was never that difficult for him... but now a deadly assassin is about to cross his path with a mission to kill him, fuelled by revenge!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not bad

it was ok but there was alot of bugs in the game. my major one i didnt like was when take out the snipers u dont complete the mission


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Tired of demos

It appears to be a great game, but im getting sick and tired of people releasing trials and demos on newgrounds. I come to NG to play on NG, not to play on other sites.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

It's just...dissapointing.

The first few Siftheads were great. They had style, were simple, and actually felt like a game made for Sticks.

This on the other hand is trying to do too much. The gameplay is glitchy, the missions are way too simple and easy, and there's no reward for doing anything. There's no sense of accomplishment.

Also, the random clicking is amazingly annoying. There's about 4 'sift' locations in each building, and randomly clicking to find the right one is annoying. You're told to go into a building yet find out the location you shoot from is one the highest floor and the farthest away from everything.

Also, please learn how to use proper grammar and spelling. I have no idea what a 'Cloting Store' is, nor do I want to know.

Overall, the game feels shallow, boring, uninspired and unrewarding. You do get points for the obvious effort put into it, but really it doesn't feel worth the time taken to play.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Could've been better.

For starters, lets go to the guns first.

The Beretta First Person Mode was the illustration of a Desert Eagle, which is kind of embarrassing when you have the other desert eagle by comparison.
Speaking of which, the illustration for the Desert Eagle in the Items menu is a bit out of proportion, almost like you combined two pistols together, which I wouldn't be surprised if you did.
On to the Glock. Why would you have the same perspective of the handgun in the items menu as in First Person Mode? It looks awkward to say the least.

The "m16" item menu gun is actually a CAR-15, making me question how much work you put in to this game artistically speaking. Oh, and The First Person Mode of the M16, was a straight copy off of a game called Call Of Duty 4.

On to the AK-47, same exact rip off of the game, Call Of Duty 4. Oh, and there's a silencer on it, might wanna change that. For the Items menu, if you actually started that one from scratch, I commend you, it works. However, when googled, a copy of it in color appears.

The Barrett in the Items menu has half of its scope cut off, what the hell?
the awkward angle it's at would be okay, since you don't use it unless aiming, but the Dragunov has a different angle when in the First Person Mode.

On to Gameplay.
For the most part, it wasn't too bad, the controls were easy and it was much like a regular FPS game, which doesn't have anything to set it away from the rest of the Stick Figure games.
Bug #1 when you aim with a sniper rifle, and change weapons, you stay in the zoomed look.
Bug #2 the windows on the helicopter, loop from shot out glass to normal.
Bug #3 when you take out the snipers, their Barretts still stay where they are, making the scene look noticeably awkward.
Oh, and you misspelled a couple words. For instance, the biggest one would be the clothing shop on the main map.
Bug #4 You can buy the same item of clothing over and over again. When you run out of money, a screen will display saying you don't have enough cash. This would be fine, except for the fact that it freezes you in that screen.
Bug #5 there are no people in the car on the opening screen when you take them out.
Bug #6 any purchased clothing doesn't save, yet in your safehouse room you have "an Empty Closet." Is this the product of incomplete work?

Bug #7 Your car windshield is fixed magically right after then opening intro.

The storyline was very predictable and lacking depth. The only good part about it was that you tied up the storylines from the previous games in a sloppy manner.

Other than that, it was an okay game, but it needs a lot more work and original art.

P.S. I'll pm you the bugs since I'm sure you wont see this review.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars


Where the yakuza leave the intel on the computer about leaving a message, if you click the PC again it gives the same dialogue then stays zoomed in on vinnie's head and you can't do anything.


Dude, thats because there modern weapons - what you think vinnie is going to run around with a freaking M4 Carbine from WW2? Think it over - there military weapons, Dragunov = Russian Sniper, .50 Cal = American Sniper, Uzi, Deagle etc. = Street Weapons.

As they say, nowadays you can buy an AK47 cheaper than a playstation on the streets.