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Apr 1, 2009 | 2:57 AM EDT

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I welcome you China to this site! You are always welcome!



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The number one

The number one rule with making a joke on the internet is...

Fools with two digit IQ's who are too dumb to get it become confused and run their mouth. First off, This all happened on APRIL FOOLS DAY, and China would never, NEVER have any tankman like images being put on their internet. Seriously though, go look up lolcats or somthing rather than annoy us who know our feet from out heads.

LittleRena responds:



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C'mon people, act mature for once

I don't see what everyones problem is. everyone is a HUMAN BEING, it doesn't matter if were Chinees, African American or Aborigional, we all have the same nneds and wants. If everybody is going to throw a temper tantrum because someone pays a tribute to China.

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LittleRena responds:

I don't think people can do that


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Angry People

people just can't take jokes any more...

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LittleRena responds:

I know, it's sad


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just asking.......

how come as soon as this big Chinese thing comes out I'm not allowed to watch madness anymore? dos it have somthin to do with this? if so..... LET ME WATCH MADDNESS COMBAT!!!!!

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Good Job

Nice work on this. I think others fail to see that this was meant for the Chinese... Not USA, You can clearly see that in the authors comments. "I welcome you CHINA." Anyways, keep up the positive thinking LittleRena. :)

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