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Jan 6, 2005 | 7:22 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place January 7, 2005

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Author Comments

After 13 days of hard work, I managed to whip this up before my 3rd day at school. I worked extremely hard on this one, spending a few hours at night just drawing and setting the scenes.

Taegukgi - my 3rd attempt at a war movie, I think I did good.

And yeah, 'Taegukgi' as actually the name of a motion-picture, which inspired me to animate something similiar.

Thanks all.

Animated for the WarZone Competition running on - 2005 - ToughLuck



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Again, another mastering flash

I must also comment to the guy 3 reviews below. Calm down, this is just a flash, its not real. Accidents happen in war, i know you are mad because of that incident, im very sorry to hear that, but you shouldnt blame it on a flash that this guy made to impress and entertain us.

Anyway i loved the flash, great work! I loved the many different effects that you used, the camera jerking and motion blur gave it an effect as though you were in a movie, it was almost like Saving Private Ryan, well done! Hope to see more of your work!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Very Nice

Hey! Great work dude, i love this, as has been said, few war movies pull off the stuff you can, this goes for all Taegukgi movies, they just keep getting better.

@ The Guy Two Reviews Down: You suck, it's a movie, people get killed by bombs bullets and all, so don't try to show you know everything, i can list all the parts of an AR-15 but i don't.

Back to the flash, anyhow, this is great work, as said by a guy a few down, belts, webbing ect would enhance the effect, but it's a stick animation, but the way the enemy soldiers lean over the wall at the start looked a little tacky, and the auto fire on the M16's sounded like rapid semi auto, if you meant that, that's good, but full bursts would sound way better.
Make the helmets slightly larger, so they don't look like baseball caps without the peak, but as said, having seen the other Taegukgi animations, it just gets better.

If you were to direct or make movies, you'd be a very rich man, or make games like this, either way really really cool, seriously, if you wrote script and scene plots for movies, you'd make alot of money, especially in the anime industry, but yeah, hope you do well in your future life, stay cool.


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Very Well Done

Very well done, there isn't much else to say as this is one of the best stick animations of its kind.

@the guy who reviewed this before me: Dude, chill out. This is a small Flash animation, also, many people die from being shot in wars. You have no clue how many people die of that. It is true that bombs are used a lot, but people still carry guns and still use them. There are constant conflicts involving two factions shooting at eachother, and many soldiers on both sides dieing from being shot. Don't be such an asshole. Also, how do you know the marine "just dropped" the grenade, it would have most likely killed everyone in the room depending on its dimensions. Also, a marine can have a grenade, he's a marine. This animation is for fun, only assholes like you can find a way to take it seriously.

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One 'Taeguki' is the name of the Korean flag and two in wars people usually die because of bombs,explosions and other injuries not because of bullets u god dammed moran try researching before u make something like this

I know this cuz I'm a Korean and my gramps died in WWII because of this stupid US marine who accidently dropped a grenade(they were both in the same team and they were in the same room) the marine shouldn't even had the grenade. DS Dumb Shit


Rated 5 / 5 stars

one request

Ahh... I've watch this movie like 20.000.000 times but it stays just as good. Your style is so amazing and your graphics to. I just wanna know. Everytime you make a movie you put in beautiful dripping blood. But i just wanna know. cause wen you see this revieuw please can you say how you make that beautiful dripping blood. Because I tried in like 20 thousand times but i just suck

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