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Mar 27, 2001 | 12:33 PM EST

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It's basically a more intense version of pong... the paddles have pivots so they can swat the ball, and if the ball is in play long enough you can activate the multi-ball for even more mayhem.

This is actually one of my older games, but some friends told me to throw it on here so...



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not impressed

Well, let's take a look at the following, there are too many pong rips as it is. I've seen the game remade plenty of times. It would be nice if the pong paddles STOPPED moving when you let go of a direction. A little more effort on your part would have prevented such a trivial ordeal. At least you didn't have to write pages of code like the Atari boys did. The graphics were decent, bravo to that, but the low sound score was due to the fact that it was obviously ripped from the short cartoon "Defenders of the Core" at under their spotlight/showdown section, but the score wasn't entirely based on the rip, for it was also because not only did you, in fact, rip, but you picked an annoying music set to begin with. It gets really monotonous really fast. Be a little more original, and remember folks: If you cheat, lie, or take credit for someone else's work, no matter how small, someone will expose you. I can say that at least it wasn't as bad as that loser who ripped off Summoner and used that pathetic animation.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

Well here's a few things to consider Mr. know-it-all... first off the game is done in flash4, which had crappy keystroke recognition... what this means is that in the 2 player mode, if bot people hold down a key, only one would work... to dodge that issue I went with the auto motion, which I have been told actually adds to the fun. Now for the sound issue..there are these great things out there called royalty free sound loops, which is what I used for the title screen and main game (btw thanks flashzone!). This game was also made before I had any wav authoring software so I had to use what was at my disposal... your opinions are your own and I respect that, but as you have just proved... asuming makes an ass out of you and me, but mostly you....


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Just what I ordered

PAPAP=Cool version of the above.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


very nice i have played something like this before!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

reallly good job...

Just one thing... When the ball's too fast, hitTest can't catch it i think... the ball goes over u.. maybe u wanted that, a slam!... but i think using an artificial collision dedection built with 'if's and coordinates would be better.
But it's still a great game...

PsychoGoldfish responds:

This game was made in flash 4 so I didn't have much choice but to use ifs and coords... When I was building the game, it played much as it does now eher the ball goes incredibly fast and through the paddles, which I did fix...but when my friends and I tried it out we all came to the conclusion that it was really fun being able to make the ball go light speed, so I put it back... and it really makes the swat feature more prominent in the gameplay, especially against another human player.


Rated 5 / 5 stars