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Getting it out there.

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Getting it out there. 2013-03-25 15:56:29

Good evening, Newgrounders. I am here to spread some audible love for all the metalheads, or people who're just interested in getting in contact with new interesting music.
I'm the drummer of our band Planetary Disobedience. When somebody asks about which genre we play, we usually respond with "We play metal". But per definition we play a special form of progressive melodic deathmetal.
We released a short EP in November, and we're currently in studio to record our coming full length album.
Here's a quick sample of the last EP:

Planetary Disobedience - Cogito, Ergo Sum

and here's another song that me and my guitarist produced during a slow monday evening:

Burden II

here's a video regarding the guitar recording for our ongoing album: RVROjY

I'd be very grateful if you took your time checking these links out. Everybody likes new music, right?
I'll probably upload the full songs from Cogito, Ergo Sum soon, but if you're interested in buying a real life (not too pricy) CD, you can always contact me here on Newgrounds, or via email. Alternatively you can contact us on Facebook.

Thank you for reading! We wish you a pleasant evening.
Good day!



Planetary Disobedience's Official Facebook Page

Getting it out there.

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Response to Getting it out there. 2013-03-25 16:16:30

Hi there, and welcome to the audio forum!

Please have a look at the audio forum rules; you'll want to post this kind of post either on your userpage's news section, or in the audio advertisements thread.

Good day!