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Advanced Plat-former Engine

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Advanced Plat-former Engine 2013-01-24 21:53:28 Reply

I thank you for selecting this post;
I am looking forward to developing a game on my own but I don' know how to program. I know some of the basics and I plan to tweak an engine to develop a game similar to megaman (Programmer will be given credited when uploaded).

If anyone who read this is interested in developing a Platformer Engine for me, please PM me, it would be very kind and it would have high probability to get front page with the included story-line/cut-scenes.

All I ask for is a platformer with good physics, doorways to other frames, monsters, heath, lives, health/live items, movable boxes, and a plan level connecting to another level (doorways) with possibly a boss in it. I will provide you with simple sprites as i work with a partner on the games sprites and story-line.

Thanks for reading and I hope to receive a PM to those interested! :)

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Response to Advanced Plat-former Engine 2013-01-24 22:39:17 Reply

At 1/24/13 09:53 PM, scottwjsm wrote: I am looking forward to developing a game on my own but I don' know how to program.

Then having a game engine isn't going to be of much use to you!

To create computer games you need more than just a framework and a storyline. You need graphic designers, you need a framework such as XNA, a programmer who has knowledge in a framework and the language it uses, in the case of XNA it's usually C#. You then will end up spending hours and hours coordinating the 3 or more of you.

Since payment is not involved you may find you get cut out of the loop (the graphics designer and programmer will tend to work together and create their own plan) unless you have credibility like in being the creative mind behind the SIMS or Warcraft, or at least something other than a quick rip off idea of an existing game?

Your best bet, start learning C#, but some books and take courses in it. Then learn 3DS followed by the XNA framework and you're good to go...

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Response to Advanced Plat-former Engine 2013-01-25 08:58:33 Reply

Any particular reason you want to create a new engine from scratch (something that is very difficult) opposed to using an already existing one, such as Unity3D?