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Newgrounds video player issues.

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Newgrounds video player issues. 2013-01-15 01:06:35 Reply

I have a shitty, integrated ATI radeon HD 4720, and yeah it's all updated and good like, but every time I click on one of the videos that use the newgrounds player, It gets pixelated and blocky and sometimes, crashes my shitty videocard/chip and my entire computer, bluescreened. I can't enjoy half the content on the portal because sometimes, i just can't watch it. It used to only pixelate sometimes, but now it does it all the time. Halp.

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Response to Newgrounds video player issues. 2013-01-16 23:47:17 Reply

My friends and I have had trouble with the NG video player too, on various computers. It never seems to buffer the whole video for me.

I hate to say it but if I see the NG video player for something, I just go look the movie up on YouTube and watch it there.

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