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Newgrounds Wiki: Art Guidelines

In addition to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use:

Photography is not allowed in either public or private galleries. We prefer to keep the spotlight on hand-made works. Photographs of sculptures, paintings or other hand-made items are acceptable.

You must be the artist and creator of the work you are submitting.

If you commissioned a piece and have full publishing rights, we still ask that you have the artist share it under their own account. Newgrounds is all about artists sharing their art in that way. We will be bringing multi-authoring to the Art Portal, at which point commissioners will be able to be credited alongside the pieces they commissioned. We've made some exceptions here in the past because multi-authoring wasn't available yet but have since decided it's best to stick to our original rules.

Do not submit images made from public files (such as scene creators). Content created using 'scene creator' programs does not count as your creation. The artist who created the game also created the pieces, so the art is considered to be their work.

This includes art made with Source Filmmaker; if you did not create the character models, please do not share your piece in the Art Portal. If you are creating your own models and your work is removed, PM Tom. Also be careful not to produce the art equivalent of shovelware, by uploading large numbers of similar entries to the Art Portal. Activity such as this lead to a growing community backlash against SFM. We are looking at ways to address this long-term but for now it is a touchy category.

This also includes websites like ArtBreeder, where the user selects two images and they are combined into a new image via machine learning. We will not be treating these are your own original creation.

Similarly, please do not submit images where you have added captions or stories over someone else's artwork.

You may submit collages with photographic elements, providing they constitute a new work of art.

Teaser images for live-streams or content off-site can be submitted, however please uncheck the “Finished Piece?” box so that it only shows on your personal gallery and in the feeds of your followers.

Artwork may be flagged as Inappropriate and be removed if:

  • It depicts a sexually suggestive image of a child (note: this judgement is based on the image alone, regardless of whether you say the subject is 18+ in the comments) Lolicon and cub art fall under this category. If you appreciate NG's space for adult art, please don't test our boundaries here.

  • It promotes hate towards a race or sexuality, or celebrates / fetishizes hate groups. If your portrait of a "sexy nazi" is removed, this is why.

  • You are bullying another user.

  • It mostly consists of unmodified text. Typography is allowed, as is text in comics or story pieces.

Please make your best effort to rate your art appropriately. Some artistic nudity is allowed in M-rated submissions but we ask that nudity not be shown in a thumbnail unless a submission is A-rated.