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Newgrounds Wiki: zOMGies

  • zOMGies
    zOMGies by Jimp

    Kill 1000's of zombies in this fast paced blood soaked run 'n gun shooter!

    4.31 / 5.00
    Ages 17+
Medals: 15


Return to Top ^zOMGies is a side-scrolling shooter game. You are chased and assaulted by zombies from the front and back, and you must make sure that you don't get too far behind, or collide with zombies.

Gameplay Tips

  • Don't be afraid to sit in the middle and let people pass you
  • Hit detection is great so don't be afraid to try to dodge people
  • Flamethrower is overpowered, use it until you get the gun after the rocket launcher
  • You can headshot with flamethrower and it's very easy to do, just aim up when you're beside somebody
  • Chainsaw is useless. Stronger then the flamethrower but has a shorter range, meaning you get hit much more
  • Laser gun is the last weapon and will basically let you play levels 30-40 without getting hit

Medal Guide

Return to Top ^COLLECTOR (5 points)
  • Collect 10 pickups in one level.
    • Try to stand in the middle of the screen and watch the right side of the screen for items to go by. You will probably get it on the first couple stages. If not, wait until you have the flamethrower, which will make you less likely to get hit while looking for items.
PANSY (5 points)
  • Die.
BOOM! (10 points)
  • Kill 10 enemies with a barrel
    • Use the flamethrower to get everybody's life down to less than half, then dodge around and wait for a barrel. Must be done on Level 18 or more because you won't get 10 people on screen at once until then.
BULLSEYE (10 points)
  • Get 10 headshots.
FREEMAN (10 points)
  • Kill a big zombie with the crowbar.
    • Use the flamethrower to lower the zombie's health, then finish him off with the crowbar.
PROFESSIONAL (10 points)
  • Kill 50 zombies.
RELENTLESS (25 points)
  • Kill 100 zombies.
SHREDDER (25 points)
  • Unlock the chainsaw.
    • This should occur between Levels 24-28.
ZOLLER (25 points)
  • 100% headshots in a level.
    • On the first level, use the first gun. Aim for the heads and kill 6 or 7 zombies. Dodge the rest.
ZOMBIELAND (25 points)
  • Reach Level 10.
MARATHON (50 points)
  • Reach Level 20.
MASSACRE (50 points)
  • Kill 500 zombies.
SURESHOT! (50 points)
  • Get 100 headshots.
    • Aim high with the flamethrower. The player should naturally get this between Level 23-26.
  • Kill 1000 zombies.
ZOMG! (100 points)
  • Reach Level 30.


Return to Top ^Game by: Wiki article by Rabid-Animals. Original guide by waynerz99.