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  • Spewer
    Spewer by Bluebaby

    Spewer is a game about puking.

    4.43 / 5.00
    Ages 13+
Medals: 7

Total points: 210 IMPORTANT: this game tends to lag progressively worse as it goes along. It is recommended to play in popup mode, then closing the window after each chapter and reloading. It will help with that lag.


Return to Top ^The only medal you won't get following this walkthrough is Architect (10 Medal Points). All you have to do is load up the level editor from the title screen, put an exit somewhere (press 's' 'a' 'a' and click somewhere on the stage), test your level (click the word "test" on the bottom of the screen) and make it to that exit.

Chapter 1

Video walkthrough - Completion awards 5 medal points

Baby Steps

Appropriate use of the 'd' and 'w' keys will see you through this level.

Mind the Gaps

Again, just press 'd' and 'w' in the right intervals and you'll get yourself to that exit.


Once again, 'd' and 'w' are all you need. Keep in mind you can swim in that water.

Split Per

What? This game uses more than two buttons? It sure does! Click and hold to fill up the hole you start in with water (er, puke), then all you need is the 'd' and 'w' you're so used to.


This one takes a bit of timing, but you should get used to it as it will become the least of your worries in later levels. Stand at the base of the first jump and hover your mouse below your character. Then click the mouse and press the jump button at the same time to get enough height to clear it. From there it's a basic 'd' and 'w' level. However, you should redo this one until you can get that first jump every time since this skill will become pivotal later on.

Long Jump

This level is the same as the last except you'll want to take a running jump and hover your mouse below and to the left of your character instead of directly below. Once again, redo this until you can get it easily for those later levels. This level also introduces the body switch, simply stand on one to activate it.


You think this level is the same as the last one, but ignore that notion completely, you'll never make that jump no matter how you try. Instead, think back to the level "Split Per" and fill up that pit with puke then swim your way through.

Going Up

Basic platforming level. Start by running to the right and ramming the body switch to activate it, then use each new platform created to get to the next switch until you get to the top. There you'll hit the body switch on the right to open up the exit on the left. Keep in mind, the body switches on the wall do not activate if you come at them directly from above or below, so angle those jumps a little bit.

The Slip

Start by hitting the switch on the right, which will open up the area below it. Hit that switch to drop the puke into the middle which you can gobble up and use to propel yourself to the switch on the left. That switch will open up the exit for you.


Propel yourself over to the right, then up to the switch in the corner. That will open up the switch on the left. Propel yourself over to that one to open up the other switch on the right which will open the exit. If you run out of puke, just drop down into the corners to gobble up what you've already used. This is, however, a very good opportunity for practice since it is possible to do this level without gobbling up any puke (trust me, I've done it). I'd recommend you keep practicing this level until you can do that since the conservation tactics it teaches will come in very handy (if not essential) in later levels.

Chapter 2

Video walkthrough - Completion awards 10 medal points

Learning To Fly

Gobble up the pill in the middle, this will turn your puke into air. Air is just like water in that you can swim in it, but it's not affected by gravity so you have a lot more freedom in where you put it. Once you've eaten the pill, move over to the right side of the screen and puke upwards until you've got a decent sized cloud above you. Then move a bit to the left and puke to the right to get another cloud below that one. Then you can use these two clouds to swim to the exit. Keep at it until you're comfortable with it 'cause you'll need the skill later.

Cloud Swimming

There is no trick to this level, you just have to swim through the air. It's designed to teach you that the air moves as you swim through it and how it does so. If you're careful you should be able to avoid the spikes. Keep in mind that once you're safe in the lower-left corner you can jump and gobble up the air, then spit it out to the right to make the clouds a little thicker.

Num Nums

Gobble up the food just like you did the pill at the start of the chapter, then use the puke it gives you to fill up the spike hole and swim through. Repeat, then hit the exit.

Fill R Up

Drop down, gobble up the food, then fill the column with air to swim back up. Then use your air to swim up to the switch above you (see "Learning To Fly"), gobble up as much air as you can on your way down then you get to begin the process of making your way to the exit. You're gonna need a third cloud for this one. The trick is this, start with the dual cloud method you've used previously to climb up the right side of the room (not the middle, below the exit). Swim up that dual cloud as if you're going to make it to the exit. You won't, but when you start falling you can puke out more air to make a third cloud between your first two and the exit. The timing takes work as well as the judging of distance (careful not to puke air over the exit, then it's useless), but once you get it you'll be home free. This one may take you a few tries, but it's easy compared to what's coming.

Acid Test

Puke to the right to make an air cloud over the acid, then use it as a kind of platform to make it to the middle. Repeat the process to get to the exit. That yellow stuff is acid, you die if you touch it (for now, anyway).

Acid Rain

Drop down and then run into a corner to hit a switch. Don't hesitate while you run to the other corner to hit the other one then back to the middle to climb back up to the exit. Those blocks will protect you from the acid, but not for long.


First of all, you cannot make it on top of the platform, so pushing the pill up over it is not going to work. Instead, you have to puke over the platform to push the pill down and left to where you can reach it. Stand far off to the left, jump and shoot a little (only a little) puke over the platform. Watch as that puke falls down the hole. If the pill is pushed over to the right wall, restart the level since you're hosed. Eventually that pill will get pushed down and to the left, then just keep jumping and puking (never too much - if you fill up that hole the pill will float up) until you can reach it. Once you've got the pill, gobble up the puke you've already used and make some air clouds to the exit like you've done before. This level will likely take you a few tries, but don't worry if you have troubles, this kind of challenge isn't repeated.

Under Attack

Immediately when this level starts, run to the left. That acid is falling, but you'll be able to get out of the way of all but the far left blob. Just jump over it as it approaches you (careful, it moves a lot faster than you do on the belt) and wait as that acid eats through the blocks. Then just drop down and hop your way to victory.

Acid Vat

Platformy goodness! Just hop back and forth across this level hitting switches until the exit is available. If you're lagging a bit, keep in mind that after you land you do a little bounce and that you can't jump again while bouncing. Wait until you finish bouncing before you try to jump again or risk falling.

Content Delivery

Jump up to the first block on the left, then up the other two (you'll need a little puke propulsion to get up the last two then to the switch. Drop down and gobble up all the puke you used as well as the food that just dropped, then jump up to the second block. From there, do a long jump to get to the air pill. Then drop down and make your two air clouds on the right side to get up to the exit.

Chapter 3

Video walkthrough - Completion awards 10 medal points

Some Added Oomph

Use your propulsion to get up the left platform, then gobble up the red pill. This will turn your puke into jetpack puke. You'll be able to use it to jump up the right side platform. Just execute a normal propulsion jump, but don't let go of that mouse button until you're high enough. Timing is still important since you get an extra push from that initial blast just as you're jumping. If you miss, just drop down, gobble everything up and try again.

A Gentle Push

Move over to the far right of the hole you're in, then puke up and to the left. Aim your puke such that it angles off the roof at hits the food on top of the blocks above you. Push all three food down, then gobble everything up and propel yourself up the right wall to the exit.


Start this level as if you're doing a long jump across those spikes. Then once you've passed the corner of the alcove above you, move your mouse below your character to propel him upwards. Once you've cleared the platform, move left to get on top of it and to the exit. Keep in mind, you have to start puking as you're jumping for the extra push, otherwise you won't have enough puke to make it to the top.

Slow Descent

Drop down into the room below where you start, no puke will be needed for this one, just hold the movement keys. Hop onto the switch then use a little (just a little) propulsion to get back up top. Then jump over to the right block above the hallway (no puke needed for this one). From there, fall off and immediately start puking down and to the left. Hold that puke stream and the 'd' key until you're in the exit hallway.

Switch 2.0

Watch as the acid demonstrates the new kind of switch. This one activates when puke hits it. Once you're free of your prison, make your way to the right and gobble the food, then activate the three puke switches up top there to open the way to the exit.

Two Uses

Propel yourself up the left wall, then drop down to the switch. Gobble up all the puke you used then puke it over the right wall to activate the switches over there. Keep in mind, you don't want a constant stream of it - you're going to lose all the puke you send over there and you'll want to keep some to get up to the exit. Don't hold the mouse button, just click it. Once you get all the switches, gobble up the food then jetpack your way to the exit.


Stand in the middle, shoot your puke up and to the left until the area fills and that switch is pressed. Gobble up the puke as the conveyor pushes it back, then repeat on the right side. Then drop down to the lower right corner and fill that area with puke to hit that switch and collect it again as the conveyor pushes it back. Finally, shoot all your puke into the lower left area until you fill it enough to press that switch (keep in mind, this one is a finesse job, not a spew-all-your-puke-athon). Now that the exit is free, it's just a hop, skip and jump away.

With Teeth

Propel yourself up each of the three platforms, then hit the puke switch. Drop back down, making sure to gather up all the puke you left behind (there'll probably be some left on the platforms). Pick up the red pill, then jetpack yourself up to the body switch above you. As for the next five puke switches, you'll be able to hit all of them but the middle one from the ground - feel free to do so. For the last one, you'll have to (carefully) propel yourself up to one of the lowest spiked platforms on the edge, then hit it from there. Once you've activated all five switches, drop back down, gobble up all the puke you used, then jetpack yourself up the right side to the exit.

Chutes and Ladders

Drop down to the right. Immediately start puking down and to the left so you can hit the safe zone. Drop onto the conveyor and gobble up all the puke as it sends it back to you, then propel yourself up to the middle platform. Repeat that process to get onto the final platform, then drop off of it puking down and to the right to get to the exit.


Jump up onto the block to your left, then take aim and (carefully) hit the left puke switch above the spikes. Gobble up the food that drops and use it to jetpack up to the body switch above you (remember it's on a wall so you can't come at it directly from below). Gobble up all your puke then long jump to the middle platform, then to the right alcove. Repeat the process in mirror image and you'll wind up dropping onto the exit.

Chapter 4

Video walkthrough - Completion awards 25 medal points

Climbing The Walls

Yay! New pill type! Gobble up the black pill. This turns your puke into tar. Head to one of the walls and jump up it. At the peak of your jump, shoot a little puke horizontally into it while holding the jump button. If done correctly, you'll make a new platform and jump up it to reach a higher jump peak. Repeat this process until you can reach the top platform and thus the exit.

Mighty Putty

Fill the spiked pool with puke, then swim through it. Make your way around, hit the switch in the bottom left then hold the space bar for a while to gobble the pill and all the puke that you used to fill that pool. Use the tar to make platforms on the spikes which you can use to make your way over to the right. Then climb up the right wall (see "Climbing The Walls") to the exit. Pro tip: keep the jump button held while you're making your way across the tar platforms, the odd shapes have a tendency to do funky things (which all seem to lead to death by spikes) otherwise.


Make your way up the blocks to the top of the tar. Those grates there will support your weight, but allow puke and pills through no problem. Shoot a few globs of puke down the right side, this will displace the tar. Keep this up (finesse, not spew), gobbling up any tar that you can reach, until the pill makes its way up. Once you've gotten it, gobble up all the puke you used and make a few air clouds to swim to the exit.

Eat Your Way Out

Use the tar above you as a series of platforms to make your way up to that switch. If you're blocked by a ceiling, just eat it (hold the space bar after you jump, careful not to eat the floor you're standing on). Once you've hit the switch up top, drop back down gobbling up all the tar (gobble up the stuff that's highest first to make sure you can get it all), then get the red pill and use it to jetpack your way to the exit (Pro tip: if you hold the jump button and the eat button as you're dropping down onto a tar platform, you'll (almost always) eat the platform and jump off of it - very useful).

Acid Rain 2

You are not fast enough to do this. If only you had something to block the acid with. Wait, isn't that tar you shoot out? It sure is! It won't stop the acid completely, but it'll slow it down a bit. Spray some on to cover the left side blocks above you to buy yourself some time, but don't stop running! It's likely that one or two acid globules will make it through, but if you tar up the holes right they shouldn't be more than you're able to jump around.

Shooting Gallery

For this one, you have to start by making tar platforms up that right side wall, however these ones will be a little trickier to create since you'll need to be able to climb up them from the bottom without being able to make more. After you make each platform, drop down and make sure you can climb up, if not, gobble it up and try again. Try to shoot a little lower than you're used to for this one. Once you have the platforms made, make sure that you can make it up to the roof and that none of the grates are blocked, then gobble up the red pill. Use your platforms (make sure not to eat them) to jump up and fire through the grates at the switches on the far right. Don't worry about wasting puke, the conveyor will bring it all back to you, but do be careful because your red puke will disrupt the platforms you made if it hits them too much. Once you've hit all three switches the way to the exit will be clear.

Target Practice

This level is all about aiming your puke, it's pretty straight forward. The conveyors will bring any puke you miss with back to you (unless it gets stuck with the two top edge switches). The trickiest switches to hit are the ones up top facing away from the middle. I found the easiest way to get those to be to aim a steady stream of puke directly at the two edge switches (maybe slightly below them) so it bounces off the wall and into activation mode. To get the two lower switches, just keep a steady stream of puke aimed at the bottom of the area until it fills and activates it. Once you've activated all the switches you can reach, you'll be able to get at the ones at the very top. These ones will make the grate surrounding you go away so you can jetpack up to the exit.

A Bridge Too Far

Start by climbing up the right wall, then make platforms for yourself across the spikes in the middle. Fall down the left and activate the switch. Then climb the left wall, go back across the platforms you made and fall down the right side to the exit (hold the gobble button so your previous platforms don't push you into the spikes).


Drop down the middle, then gobble up the top right corner of the left cloud. Eat your way across the top of that air cloud until you're in the corner. Then swim slowly across what's left back to safety and eat whatever you're able to reach (the stuff you displaced on your way back). Repeat the process for the other cloud. Now, make a narrow, tall tar platform on the middle area so you can jump back up top. Climb the two walls to hit both switches and gobble up what you made on your way back down. Finally, make a tar platform on the edge in the middle and start jumping on it. At the peak of each jump shoot a little more down at that platform to make it bigger, your goal, obviously, is to work your way towards the exit. Eventually your tar platform will be big enough so you can hit the wall of the exit alcove and climb it to victory.


Shoot your puke up top so it hits the food and knocks it into the conveyor. Once it reaches the bottom you can gobble it up and use it to jetpack yourself up there. Make your way down to the air pill and gobble it up. Then hit the switch and make your way over to the right gobbling up the puke you left behind. Fill the spiked alcove with air and swim your way to victory. This is actually easier than it looks, as long as it's full of air and you don't touch any buttons but the jump button you'll be fine.

Chapter 5

Video walkthrough - Completion awards 50 medal points

Even The Odds

As soon as the level starts, make your way to the right. Gobble up the new, yellow pill. This turns your puke into acid and has the added bonus of making you immune to the stuff. Gobble up the acid that was trying to kill you earlier and use it to fill up the spiked pit, then swim through and make your way to the exit.

Acid Reflux

Make your way to the right and puke a single globule of acid out onto the block. Keep in mind that you can stand on these blocks as if they're whole until the frame melts away. As soon as there's only one block between you and the spikes, gobble up the acid globule. Make your way to the right and repeat the process. Make your way right again, but this time hold down the space bar and fire one globule at a time up at that block until it melts completely (make sure to catch each globule, that's why you're holding the space bar). Once the block is gone, propel yourself upwards and get to the exit.


Hit the button, then jump and gobble up the pill as it's falling. Don't miss or bad things will happen. From there, hit the switch on the right to open up the exit.

Over Root and Thorn

Long jump over the spikes (careful not to get too high and thus stuck in the corner) then jetpack yourself up and to the left to hit the switch. This will open up another switch on the bottom which will open the exit. Drop down back to the start, then repeat the process except instead of going left after your jetpack you're going to go right to the exit.


Walk to the right until you're walking into the wall. Keep walking and hold the space bar as you fire single globules into the wall. Since you're right there and are actively gobbling, you'll eat the acid before they do any damage, but not until after it starts melting that wall right in front of you. Remember this trick, it will come in very handy later. Fall down onto the acid block above the switch and perform the same trick, this time shooting down. That will open up the next acid block. Repeat until you get to the exit.

Holy Tears

Fall down and jump across the tar pillars. Don't start eating any until you get to the sixth one. From there, gobble up some but not so much that you can't jump up to the top of the fifth pillar. Repeat this alternating gobbling pattern until you've eaten all but the bottom part of the sixth (keep yourself safe from the spikes), all of the fifth, and as much of the fourth as you can while still being able to jump to the third. This might take you a few tries, but remember to keep that jump button held down for safety. Now, use the acid to burn through the acid block (use the conservation trick discussed in the previous level) and collect the black pill. From there, jump to the third pillar and build upon it until you can reach the exit (keep the jump button held down and make sure you remember you can climb the wall below the exit).


Just like the title of the level says, as soon as you can, start running. Make your way through the conveyor maze until you can go no further then wait in that alcove until the acid burns through the blocks stopping you. As soon as it is safe, make your way through and jump up across the blocks until you reach the exit. Be quick about this because if the first acid pool eats through the blocks at the bottom and activates that switch it'll drop the second acid pool right on top of you meaning instant death. Don't get discouraged if this takes you a few tries, once you get the hang of it you'll be able to do it faster and get it done in time.


First off, do not fire a single shot of air until you're in the middle alcove. Start by hitting the switch in the left corner then jumping into that alcove. Then, fill that alcove up with air. Swim up and jump to the right (you won't need any more air other that what's in the alcove) to hit the other switch. Now comes the tricky part. Jump back into that alcove and as soon as you're over it, start firing downwards until you can fire no longer. Look to see which direction has received more air (it'll be different based on how you fired) and make your way towards that exit. This is another of those levels that will probably take a few tires, but is easy once you get the hang of it.


This is it, this is the level that will make you want to pull your hair out. It is the hardest level of the game by a fair margin and it takes no prisoners. Start by falling off the edge, while you're falling fire off almost all of your puke (make sure to keep a bit) straight downwards. This will slow your descent some and cause some more air to clump up to the right of your spew. Use that clump to stop your fall. Then, swim across the bottom of the air towards the right. Once there's no wall between you and the switch, swim upwards and once you hit the peak of your momentum fire up at the switch. If you miss, restart the level. Once you've activated the switch, swim back across the air, this time along the top, towards the exit. There are about a billion little things that can go wrong on this level, many of which you have no control over (or little enough to consider it as such) and all of which will cause your death. Just keep at it until you get it. I promise this is as bad as it gets. (By the way, I only tell you to swim across the bottom first since you're more likely to die and if you do it sooner it's less frustrating 'cause there's less to redo. If it works out better for you do swim across the top first then the bottom then feel free to do it that way.)

The Crux

Start by propelling yourself over the spiked platform - it's kinda a hybrid between a high jump and a long jump. Start by doing a normal propulsion high jump, then slam down your 'd' key and start spewing your puke down and to the left. It'll take a few tries, but you'll be able to get it using tactics learned previously. Next is the air room: puke up a few clouds so you can get to the switch and back. After doing Dive this will seem like a walk in the park. To get out of this room, do a jump, land on the block in the room and use your bounce to get across the pit. A normal jump will not be able to get you into that hallway. Grab the yellow pill and puke up at the blocks obstructing the switch (make sure to gobble them up so you stay safe and don't fire more than one at a time, if they hit each other they'll be harder to catch). You'll have to jump to hit that switch with your puke, but once you do you can gobble up the black pill. Make some platforms for yourself to climb up the spiked walls - I found it easiest if I started with a platform on the left wall, then alternated from there. Once you get to the top it's a simple matter of falling into the exit.

Chapter X

Video walkthrough - Completion awards 100 medal points

Unsure Footing

The switch at the bottom removes the platforms that you're standing on. You have to prevent it from being hit by catching the globules released when the acid activates the switches on the right. Once the acid is done, the exit will open, all you have to do is stay alive that long (Pro tip: the right side platform is closer to the falling globules than the left, it's easiest to jump from it, catch the globule and land back on it again).

Pascal's Law

Spew all your puke before you hit the switch. When you do the rest will happen automatically. Keep in mind that you'll move more slowly than normal after you empty your gut so just keep the 'a' key held and be patient.


This one's tricky and the acid volcano never seems to behave the same way twice. What you want to do is put tar up on the left side to direct as much of the acid as possible to the right, away from you (what I like to do is build a tall pillar all the way to the ceiling (or as high as it'll get) just to the left of that volcano, then eat a little alcove out of the middle of it from the left for me to stand in). It'll never be a hundred percent as the acid sometimes completely ignores the tar, but if you can survive long enough to see the yellow pill outside the grate, you can fall down onto it holding the space bar and you'll eat it before you hit the acid on the ground and be home free. The exit is in that little area where the acid volcano starts in the middle. This is another one of those you just gotta keep trying 'till you get it.

Take Aim

First off, do NOT hit the puke switch in the top right corner. Hit the body switch to your left. Wait for the acid to settle and if any has landed outside of that pool restart the level. Spray your puke at the top left corner of that pool area until the black pill flows within reach at the shore (like how soap bubbles move away from the tap). Once you have it, build a small tar platform under your feet then climb the wall to get on top of the right wall of the little area where the acid and pill started. Fall down and to the left then climb the left wall of that area to get on top of it. Make your way over and hit the switch. This will remove the grates and you can make your way back around to where you started, fall down to the right and traverse the conveyor to the exit.

So Many Blocks

Remember that acid block trick I taught you in "Recycle"? Use it here. Make your way down to the row with the switch and the exit, then across that row to the right for the switch then back across to the exit. You should only be dissolving two straight lines of blocks, don't go diagonally and while if you hold the space bar, don't hold the mouse button and stand directly against the block you're dissolving then all of the globules you fire should be gobbled up, make sure you quickly track down any strays and eat them before they can do any damage. The jumps can get tricky in the tight quarters, but they're all doable if you just keep at it (keep in mind, you can run across those single gaps sometimes). (Pro tip: don't click too often while you're recycling - if you're firing while gobbling you're not actually gobbling, just firing.)


Jump up and collect the food on the middle platform. Then drop down and hit the two body switches in the middle of the floor. Jump over the left acid pillar (this is the only tricky part, you have to be at the peak of your jump, but you can make it over) then shoot some puke at the two towers in the middle. After the acid falls off the lower middle platform, you can jump on it and fire some more puke at the acid on the floor to nudge it into the acid blocks and puke switches on the edge of the floors. Once both switches have been pressed, a red and yellow pill will drop onto the platform above you. Make your way there being sure to land in green puke and not yellow when you step on the floor. Gobble up the yellow pill and all the acid, then dissolve the blocks on either edge of the stage and collect the food that falls. Finally, grab the acid you spilled collecting the food, then gobble the red pill and jetpack up to the exit.

A Simple Plan

Eat up all the green puke then hit the body switch and gobble the yellow pill. Puke a thin layer of acid on the bottom of the pool where the green puke used to be then go over and dissolve the acid block obstructing you from the black pill, but do NOT fall down yet. Return to the pool and assuming the acid has settled, gobble the edges of it but make sure there is still some acid on top of the middle two blocks. Quickly go eat the black pill and hit the body switch then make your way back, down into the spike pit and across it (make platforms and hold the jump button) to hit that body switch. This will drop the acid you left and clear your way to the exit. Climb the right wall out of that pit then drop down the middle, make your way across the conveyor and make a tar platform to the exit.

Tread Lightly

This level is very simple in concept: don't hit any switches. The very last switch you come to will release the yellow pill, once you gobble that up you can hit all the others to release the acid and eat it all (dissolve the acid blocks on the left side to make a path back up). Once all the switches are pressed and acid eaten, the path to the red pill will be open. When you eat the red pill you'll also press a body switch opening the exit which you are then free to jetpack to. As I said, it's simple in concept, but in execution... All I can tell you is this: on the top, don't let go of that jump button and line up the tips of your toes with the very middle between the two switches before you land. On the bottom, get a running start, jump over the first switch and don't let go of either 'w' or 'a' (it worked for me on my third try). Once you get the yellow pill you can't lose so take your time and have fun with it.


Return to Top ^Walkthrough (including videos) by Keslen, ported to the wiki by Ismael92.