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Newgrounds Wiki: Mechanical Commando 2

Medals: 5 3

Total points: 250 150 IMPORTANT: there are 2 broken medals in this game, which aren´t working and won´t give you any medal points. You can only obtain 3 medals and get 150 points. See the "Medals" section below for more info.


Main Mission

Kills - Take Next Gen Radar to ensure that you've killed everything before going to the final boss.
Side Objective - Next Gen Radar is the best way to see where to go.
Time - Take fastest legs, slow-firing high-damage-dealing weapons. Just run to the boss/mini-boss unleash all you got and then run on. Take as heavy armor as possible, you will take quite some damage from running straight through enemy fire.

Destroy Side missions

What matters - Time and amount of bullets that hit you. You can never get hit to get a gold.
Recommended equipment - Time Control Device to be able to dodge all bullets. For the earlier missions you can take pretty much anything. For the later missions take Missile Launcher and Cooldown Device. Fastest legs are a must. Armor doesn't matter.

Secure Side missions

See Destroy side missions.

Defence Side missions

What matters - Amount of kills.
Recommended equipment - You want to pack as much damage as possible. Speed is irrelevant, just take to the heaviest armor and you don't need to worry about dodging. For the earlier missions (1, 2) take something with fast rate of fire and then a should weapon to deal with heavier enemies. For the later ones take something that deals a lot of damage. Cooldown Device recommended.

Cut Power Side missions

What matters - Amount of kills.
Recommended equipment - Next Gen Radar is absolutely lovely for this. Take it and check often (by pausing (P)) that all enemies are dead, always check this before finishing the last objective. Otherwise take whatever you prefer.

Intel Side missions

See Cut Power Side missions

Rescue Side missions

See Cut Power Side missions


What matters - Surviving as many waves as possible. 30 waves needed to get a gold.
Recommended equipment - Repair Droid Munition is what will make this a breeze. It allows you to stay at almost full health until only the later waves. Take the heaviest armor (a must!), Homing Rocket Launcher and Homing Cluster so you can focus only on dodging.

Boss Run

What matters - Amount of missiles killed that the final boss spawns. He spawns these when you get close (I believe), so just run up pretty close and shoot straight at him to kill those missiles.
Recommended equipment - Take heaviest armor. Take a gun that doesn't deal too much damage, you don't want to kill the final boss to quickly. Shoulder slot isn't that important, take whatever you feel like.


Killing spree - Kill 50 enemies - 25 points My first day - Complete first mission - 25 points Golden commando - Obtain all gold medals - 100 points
All Side missions and Missions needed. See above for tips.

Broken medals

Boss run - Complete the Boss Run - 50 points Mission accomplished - Complete the game - 50 points


Walkthrough created by Godliest, ported to the wiki by Ismael92.