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Newgrounds Wiki: Madness Regent

  • Madness Regent
    Madness Regent by TomFulp

    You know the drill: Shoot anything and everything.

    4.39 / 5.00
    Ages 13+
Madness Regent is controlled using the left and right arrow keys to move, the up and down keys to aim the gun, A key to shoot, and S key to jump. The S key can also be clicked two times in succession to double jump.

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Return to Top ^Start the game by using the double jump to get into the cannon. This will launch the Hank to the roof of a nearby building. Walk right while continuously firing the gun to take out the pair of foes in front of you. Be careful of the agents on the ledges above; they can shoot you from afar, and if you knock them down with your weapon, they may attempt a melee assault. There should be a glass ceiling between them. Destroy it by jumping above and shooting down.

You will now enter a long hall filled with enemies, some of whom will be on ledges. At this point, it would be best to continuously fire forward while constantly jumping to avoid enemy fire. If you are directly above or below an enemy, shoot in that position to attack in relative security. Enter the elevator on the far right.

In the next area, you will fight off enemies coming in from above. Fortunately, they are vulnerable when coming above. Try luring them into coming in the elevator by wandering to the right where the hole is, and shoot them from the far left where Hank is safe from enemy attack. After a couple of waves are defeated, enter the next area to the right.

At this point in the game, the player reaches a checkpoint. They are now in a room with two boom boxes, four dancing grunts, and Tricky acting as DJ. Although the grunts are unarmed and are easily defeated, the boom boxes will start taking turns firing bullets. The right box will fire first, then the left box, and then both will fire at once. Fortunately, before shooting their bullets, the bullet paths are revealed by green lines. By remaining in one of several safe places, the player can take out the boxes at their leisure.

After both boom boxes are destroyed, the player has a few seconds to get on the ledges below them before lava fills the room. After Tricky falls in, the player must leap from platform to platform to reach higher ground before the lava catches up. Falling into lava won't kill the player, but still does significant damage. Although there are agents on these platforms, killing them is not a priority. Just shoot them to keep them from attacking you and let the lava take care of them.

At the top is the game's final boss, Demon Tricky, with over 400 health. The player must defeat him while remaining on the three platforms uncovered by lava. Generally speaking, its best to attack nonstop while avoiding Tricky's various attacks. When he tries to slap the player away with his hand, try double jumping over it. His deadly breath can be avoided by simply running and jumping away. The player might have to double jump if cornered in order to dodge the attack. Tricky is a large target, and should be easy to hit while dodging and waiting for his attacks. After he is defeated, players earn the game's sole medal, "A WINNER IS YOU," which is worth 25 points.


  • Your ammunition is unlimited. Don't hesitate to shoot!
  • The only penalty for failing is a screen or two of progress. Don't worry too much about losing.
  • The entire game can be beaten in well under ten minutes. If you're trying to figure out what to do next, you're doing it wrong.
  • If the game lags, click the Q key to lower the quality. The game will be less pretty, but the controls will be far smoother.