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Newgrounds Wiki: Chaos Faction 2

  • Chaos Faction 2
    Chaos Faction 2 by EON

    Now with more CHAOS!

    4.45 / 5.00
    Ages 13+
20 Medals

500 Points

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General Advice

  • Always use explosives at a safe distance, or you'll get killed in the blast.
  • The weapons you get will disappear based on how much they're used, rather than time.
  • Kicks are very slow, so don't use them as often as punches.    
  • Rage moves are an instant KO to anyone that gets hit by it, so use it wisely.
  • When you're outnumbered, concentrate on only one foe at a time.
  • Almost every battleground has one hazard, such as holes, or things that push you around or hurt you or even stun you.


Return to Top ^On Campaign mode, you'll have to face some enemies on a certain battlefield with special weapons and with or without back up. They divide into three zones:
  • ZONE 1: This is the easiest zone, some battlefields have almost no hazards and you'll have backup on the two first ones.
  • ZONE 2: Things get hard here. The battlefields have hazards and the enemies are smart.
  • ZONE 3: The hardest one the zones, all of them requires you to beat them in a certain time or survive and they are full of hazards. The last one is extra difficult.
Deathmatch Mode: One may set up a battle with as many people as you want, in the battlefield you want, and with the settings you. It is extremely useful for getting most of the medals.

Survival Mode: Defeat as many enemies as possible and stay alive as long as possible. All of the enemies are smart, so wait for an opening.


  • KILL IT WITH FIRE (5 pts.)- Burn someone to a crisp. - You'll probably get this when you unlock the ray gun or the flamethrower. This should not be.
  • RECYCLER (5 pts.)- Kill someone with a dropped weapon. - Try using an explosive.
  • ZONED OUT (5 pts.)- Complete all campaign challenges in Zone 1 - minimum amount of skill required, you're likely to get this.
  • ANGER MANAGEMENT (10 pts.)- Make 5 KO's with rage attacks in a single match. - Go to deathmatch, set AI to n00b, set "first to ~20 kills wins." Alternatively, put infinite rage mode on.
  • CRATE EXPECTATIONS (10 pts.)- Collect 20 crates in one match. - Same as above. Set it to win with more kills if necessary. You can also set in the pause menu to drop 60 crates per minute.
  • IN THE ZONE (10 pts.)- complete all campaign challenges in Zone 2 - This can take some skills, but it's still easy and you're likely to get it.
  • KAPOW!!! (10 pts.)- Hit someone with a full-powered wind-up punch. - Tap z, release it, then hold z for a few seconds, then release it again. If the punch is on fire then it's at full power.
  • MAGIC NUMBER (10 pts.)- get a 3X multikill. - Kill 3 enemies at the same time. Do this in a deathmatch for with a rage attack for the easiest results
  • ZERO GRAVITY (10 pts.)- Go offscreen and recover - Side-swipe (Z+X while on air) offscreen, then use the double-jump to get back.
  • 4 ON THE FLOOR (25 pts.)- Get a 4X multikill - Again, do this on a deathmatch with a rage attack. It can be a little tricky though.
  • ARCHITECT (25 pts.)- make an awesome level in the Level Editor and play a match on it. - Just do some random level, go to a deathmatch and select it as your battleground.
  • CHAOS KUDO (25 pts.)- Complete all campaign challenges in the game. - Self-explanatory.
  • IMMORTAL (25 pts.)- Don't lose any lives on a campaign match - Do this in a level with few hazards and with someone backing you up.
  • VETERAN (25 pts.)- Play 10 deathmatch games - I can't figure this one out. You're on your own
  • FANTASTIC 5 (50 pts.)- get a 5X multikill. - This medal is hard. Go to a deathmatch with 5 n00b enemy AI, fill your rage, wait until all of them are grouped together, then send them flying. It can also help a lot if you start a match with infinite rage, or use the RPG launcher at your enemies.
  • LIFT OFF! (50 pts.)- Knock someone into space. - There's setting on the deathmatch that enables 5X damage, and 5X damage = 5X height. so use a rage attack. requires that you knock someone into the stratosphere to unlock this mode.
  • PACIFIST (50 pts.)- Win a campaign battle without harming anyone - You can do this in a battle with someone helping you. Another good level to do this is the one with the lava: you don't have to beat anyone to win, just avoid getting killed.
  • SURVIVOR (50 pts.)- Get a score of 10,000 or higher in survival mode. - Defeat 10 enemies. This may require some training and luck.
  • TAKE THE PLUNGE (50 pts.)- Hold the plunger for 15 seconds in a row. - In the deathmatch settings, there is a "hold the plunger for x:xx to win" mode. Set that to one minute, then get the plunger and dodge everyone for 15 seconds. If you get hit, you'll lose the plunger. It is best to set everyone to n00b also. One more thing: you CANNOT earn this medal in a custom-made level.
  • UP AND AWAY (50 pts.)- Knock someone into the stratosphere. - You'll only get this in a deathmatch with the 2X damage setting on, just like the Lift Off! medal. Use rage.