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  • Arkandian Crusade
    Arkandian Crusade by Noxins

    Make your place in the history of Arkandia.

    4.39 / 5.00
    Ages 13+
8 Medals (95 points)

Arkandian Crusade is an RPG with a lot of grinding of stats.

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General Tips

  • Grind! That pretty much sums up how your going to get most of the medals for this game. If you're not prepared to do that then maybe you shouldn't attempt to get them. Just a warning.
  • In your first battle, the battle with a demon, you're suppose to lose to it.
  • Good items are essential, always be on the lookout for them. Red chest usually contain the best stuff.
  • Early on in the game, keep on the lookout for items with learning abilities. They well help raise your stats quickly.
  • A good place to build up physical defense and magic defense is to go the "Thieves in the sewer" mission over and over and just defend. Do that for a few hours and you should be tough enough to take on almost anything the game throws at you. Use heal to build up your magic there to.
  • Some of the best weapons in the game comes from crafting; but crafting can be very expensive. You need to buy recipes ( which show up randomly) and components for them. You probably also need to buy a lot of skill books to make the very top items.
    • Note: There is an item in the 2nd to last mission, when sold, gives you unlimited money. I'm unsure, but it may be a random item. You'll know what it is when you see it, though.
  • (Crafting continued.) Most of the weapons that you can craft are comparable to the ones you find in red chests. The selection of armor, on the other hand, are piss poor, imo. The only one worth crafting is the Mystical Hairgrip, which has some of the best modifiers of any headgear you will find in the game. Also, if you're having trouble with the mystery dungeon, craft a bunch of elixirs. Depending on the type of elixir you create, they will increase you HP, protection, mana points, and other stats.
  • When you have the money, be sure to pick up the Mystical Backpack from the shop. It can hold up to 30 items, and is the highest capacity backpack in the game. Some people might prefer the "bags of sending" item, which send your items to storage at a cost of a charge. Personally, I don't think it's as cost effective as a backpack is, since most dungeon crawls won't render more items than the highest capacity backpack.


Return to Top ^Dungeon Delver (5 points)
Fully clear a dungeon.
Clear out a dungeon of monsters, items on the ground, and treasure chests. Simple. Arkandian Celebrity (5 points)
Reach a total fame of over 1000
Earn 1000 fame from beating up enemies, completing dungeons, and defense missions. Suit up! (5 points)
Have over 50 Protection
This might seem a little confusing because natural protection rating of all your armor combine will never add up to 50 and over. Some of them have additional positive protection modifiers. For example: My torso armor has a natural protection rating of +10, but it also has an additional + 10 protection, so it has a total protection of +20. It's also one of the best torso armor in the game. Ascended Being (10 points)
Complete the Ascended Campaign
In the middle of the game you will have to pick a side, good or evil. You get this medal if you choose to side with the Ascended ones and beat the game following that story arc. Demonic Servant (10 points)
Complete the demon campaign
Like the Ascended medal, but you choose the Demonic side instead, and follow that story arc all the way through to the end. (Currently broken?) Richie Rich (10 points)
Have over 10,000gp at one time.
Accumulate a total of 10,000 gold (unspent). It's No Mystery (50 points)
Reach the bottom of the mystery dungeon
Basically, you have to go down 25 levels in the Mystery dungeon to get this medal. I suggest you have some of the best equipment in the game, stats in the 900 -1000, and hit points and mana points from 200 to 400. And take a lot of major healing and mana potions with you. Note: You don't have to fight every enemy, just reach the 25th floor.


Return to Top ^Guide created by EdyKel, edited and uploaded to the Wiki by LiquidOoze.