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Newgrounds Wiki: Movie Standards

Size & Aspect Ratio

The standard aspect ratio for video is 16:9. Common resolutions are:

3840 x 2160 - 4K Ultra High Definition aka 2160p

1920 x 1080 - Full HD aka 1080p

1280 x 720 - Standard HD aka 720p

Encoding Your Video

It is best to upload the highest quality version you can within our upload limits, specified on the upload form.

If you need to compress your work, we recommend HandBrake. You can select the 1080p Fast preset, then set quality to 18 (the lower the better but 18 is considered pretty lossless) and VerySlow for encoding speed, if you have the time. Example screenshot of HandBrake video settings.

If you are setting a bitrate for your work, we suggest 40-50 Mbps for 3840 x 2160, 10-20 Mbps for 1920 x 1080 and 5-10 Mbps for 1280 x 720. Adjust and review your results.


We recommend the AAC codec (default in HandBrake) and a 384kbps bit rate for the best quality. Example screenshot of HandBrake audio settings.


Please avoid building letterboxing into your movie; it doesn't complement content embedded in a web page and takes up vertical space. Televisions and phones add letterboxes on their own when necessary.