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Newgrounds Wiki: Extensions

Extension Manager

To install extensions you will first need to install the Extension Manager. Now for the extensions!


Pixel Tools 2.0, developed by 5½
Compatible with: Flash MX 2004 - CS4
Install. Open a new document. Go into Edit > Customize Tools panel. Click on an icon on the left, then select one of the pixel tools and click >> to add the tool to your tool panel. libAppend, developed by ToonMonkey
This extension will add a prefix, suffix, or both to the selected items in the library. Max-Vador recommended using it for collabs, where authors are asked to put their name in front of their library items to avoid overwrites!

With libAppend installed in your extension manager, highlight all of the symbols in your library. Select Commands->libAppend. Enter your name for the prefix followed by an underscore (i.e. "MaxV_") and libAppend will autoname all the symbols in your library for you.