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Newgrounds Wiki: Creating an API Entry

Before you can even begin using the API Tools, you will need to create an API Entry for your game or movie.

The first step is to go to the Flash API page.

Once there, locate the "Add a New API Item" form and enter the name of your game or movie, choose an entry type (game or movie) and select an actionscript version.

If you are unsure of what actionscript version you are using, refer to the following guide:
  • Flash 8, MX 2004 - Actionscript 2.0
  • Flash CS3, CS4 - Actionscript 3.0

Once done, hit the 'Add Movie' button and you will be taken to the information page for your new API Entry. Note: You can return to the information page for your API Entry at any time from the "Your API Entries" section of your main API Entries page. Selecting the 'Settings' link beside the API entry will take you back to your setup pages. Note: As of this time, the API stats still are not available, but should be present when the redesign is complete. Next: Installing the API Package