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Newgrounds Wiki: API Connector

About the API Connector

The API Connector is the primary component for most of the API tools. This component is responsible for a variety of functions including:
  • Making API classes available in your code
  • Initializing the API
  • Connecting to the API gateway
  • Handling blocked hosts
  • Notifying users when a new version is available
  • Medal Unlocked popups

Because all API commands depend on the API being connected to the API gateway, it is highly recommended this component be added on the first frame of your timeline, or included by your default class.

It is also recommended you use the Preloader Bar component, or API.getPercentLoaded command, to ensure any server-side assets get loaded before you try using them.

This component does not need to be visible on your stage.
  • API ID - The API ID provided from your API entry's "API Dashboard"
  • Encryption Key - The encryption key provided from your API entry's "API Dashboard"
  • Version - The current version of your game or movie (should match what's in your "Version Control" setup page).
  • Use Debug Mode - Use debug mode when testing your game/movie (recommended).
  • Simulate Session - Simulate a logged in user (named API-Debugger) when testing in debug mode. Use this to test how your flash works for both logged-in users and guests.
  • Use Default Error Screens - Use the default error/notice screens for notifying users of new versions, blocking hosts, etc... (Disable this if you plan on making custom error screens.)
  • Use Default Medal Popup - Use the default medal popup when a medal is unlocked. (Disable this if you are making custom medal popups.)