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Newgrounds Wiki: The NG Store

In late 2006, we made a bunch of Angry Faic shirts and sold them with a simple Paypal checkout.

The response was good, so we decided to go totally nuts with building a dedicated Newgrounds store. The project defeated two programmers before Rob finally made it happen in 2008 and the store officially launched. We made shirts, toys, stickers, posters and keychains. Bob initially handled order fulfillment and customer service, then Luis took over after Bob.

By March of 2014, Luis was transitioning to a new job, Rob was no longer on the team, the store wasn't moving a lot of merch, there were some bugs and the small remaining staff didn't want to be distracted by it anymore. We decided it was time to call it quits.

Two weeks notice was given and we actually managed to sell most of the remaining inventory. What remains will be given out as prizes and gifts to future NG contributors.

For posterity, here is an archive of every item ever available in the store:

T-Shirts and Apparel

Toys & Collectible Items

Castle Crashers Collectibles

You can still buy many of these and much more @ the Behemoth store.

Artist Discs

Stickers and Posters

Finally, the store was the original place to buy Supporter Upgrades, which remain available under their own system.