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Newgrounds Wiki: Newdgrounds

As told by TomFulp Soon after the dot com crash, an e-friend from a defunct music website got in touch with me. He was working for some company in LA that had taken over the assets of a bankrupt porn company (dunno how that is possible).

He had this "great" idea; we'll set up a Newgrounds branded site for adult content. This was before NG had adult ads, and back then our content was controversial for being violent more than pornographic.

I said OK and newdgrounds was born. The result? Apparently they expensed lots of non-newdgrounds stuff to newdgrounds... that whole "creative accounting" thing you hear about. I sold my soul to the porn biz and NG was still flopping around like that fish in the Faith No More video.

So then I was like "well I'm already promoting a porn site, I might as well try promoting some other porn sites instead." I signed up with some affiliate networks, and voila, Newgrounds lived to see another day.

It should be noted that "legit" ad companies were defaulting on payments while these reliable porn companies really did come through during a dark time.

I got to keep the newdgrounds domain name, too.