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Newgrounds Wiki: Stories

NG Office 2000 - See the NG office (aka Tom's college apartment) in earlier days.

House of Horrors - Dramatic pictures of horrific things that happened outside the old office.

Sherbert the Cat - The official Cat Dynamics mascot who is still alive to this day.

Toxic Avenger 4 - Tom visited the Playboy mansion and have his eyes poked out in this Troma classic.

MPAA Investigation - A Tom Green movie publicity stunt gets serious when the MPAA rears its ugly head.

Newdgrounds - An attempt to survive the dot com crash that just made things worse.

Weird Al - The story of an NG contributor who got to meet Weird Al and make a video for him.

Stickers - Rankings of our early supporters who bought the most stickers, the oldschool way.

NG Office 2005 - See the beginnings of our official NG office, where we still reside today.