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Newgrounds Wiki: London Meet 6

London Meet 6

Preface As told by Luis The sixth London gathering again was labeled 'Autumn Fling', it was a spur of the moment trip by me to burn up some frequent flyer miles that were on the verge of expiring. Most of the attendees were past attendants of London events, there were a few newcomers thought.

  • When: November 27-30, 2009
  • Where: London, England
  • What: A bunch of newgrounds users getting together!


The Cast


Left to right: Gagsy, deckheadtottie, Luis, thehappysheep, JPI, KairyuBlack, Kirk-Cocaine, Wonchop, BBM, projektCOG, bezman, and Will



The beer coupon makes a comeback, courtesy of projektCOG //

TheHappySheep, Luis and Zoy //

Will, Kirk-Cocaine and JPI //

Left to right: Chrome-shark, Kirk-Cocaine, JPI, Will, Zoy and Wonchop // BBM and JPI playing nice

Other London Meets

  • London Meet 7 (coming soon)