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Newgrounds Wiki: London Meet 2

London Meet 2

Preface As told by Luis This was the second annual meetup in London. The first one took place in September of 2007. This year we kicked off the year with a meet to celebrate the new year and most importantly my birthday. This second gathering turned out to be larger than the previous and I was no longer the only one flying from outside of England to gather in London. We had NegativeONE(Canada), Luka(Slovenia), VonDark](Norway), AlmightyHans(San Francisco, USA), and of yours me, Luis(Washington DC at the time). On with the photos!

  • When: January 19, 2008
  • Where: London, England
  • What: A bunch of newgrounders getting together!

//www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/6ff5ccfb4f98d77fcebb102f9d6035ae.jpg //www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/20bf0553c59aace4cfc2ea5d96bc9c5f.jpg Top row (L-R): Luis, TheHappySheep, Tom, JPI, ChromeShark, Kirk-Cocaine, dEltaLuca, VonDark, AlmightyHans, BR
Bottom row: mogly, Dim, KaynSlamdyke, and Luka



Hans checking out our homemade NG meet sign //www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/9bd4d6fe5bd6281f89728b5f7e910799.jpg

JPI gets nagged by the park police for holding up our tank logo and angry faic sign. They thought we were a terrorist organization maybe? lol //www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/8d361a2e40f55b0fce12e0dba86337ec.jpg

Left to right: KaynSlamdyke, dEltaLuca, AlmightyHans, Mogly, VonDark and NegativeONE //www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/c07ea7a0b46c82ddcb4009ece8424b5d.jpg

At the Ice Bar: Bezman, VonDark, Tom, NegativeOne, AlmightyHans, Mogly
bottom row: dEltaLuca, KaynSlamdyke and Luka

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