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Newgrounds Wiki: London Meet 1

London Meet 1


As told by Luis

The London meets actually started way before the 'official' London Meet I, early traces of it can be found in Lost Chance's NG South of England Meet thread. It's a particularly important disclosure because the strong London meet attendance is largely due to these early gatherings nurturing the soil for the massive events that they've become.

London meet I originally started over at the Flash Forum, it mostly consisted of forum regulars and Flash animators and programmers. It was kind of a haphazard meet in that, I just happen to be in town. There was no real formality to it other than just synching up with whomever decided to show up. Anyway here's the meet-up in a nutshell!

  • When: Sept 8th, 2007
  • Where: London, England
  • What: A bunch of newgrounds users getting together!







JPI, The-EXP, Morbid-giggle, FloppyDiskClock, Kirk-cocaine, and KaynSlamdyke


The gang hanging out at Namco


KaynSlamdyke wreaking havok via Dodge'ems


Dim, Zoy, and his friend Kit, throwing up Bedn thumbs

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