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Newgrounds Wiki: Power of Four 2014

These are the current Power of Four teams. Looking to form a team of your own? Reach out to the people on NG who you would love to work with, even if you've never talked to them before. You can also look for people in the Power of Four thread or the Collabinator.

Once your team is assembled, announce it in the Power of Four thread!

Un-named Team

https://wolvegames.newgrounds.comAwaiting 4th member (musician / SFX)


Un-named Team

Razzle Dazzle

Team Xom Awaiting 4th member

Team We Have Real Jobs

Awaiting 3rd and 4th members

Four Score

Team sasha labs

Forever Second

Un-named Team

Silly Goats


Team Shakespeare

Awaiting fourth member

Team Prototype

Team Distance

Those Bugdev Guys

The Feel Team


Dirty Dawg

Silly Goats

The Shapeshifters

Looking for an additional artist.

The Hot Pilli Chappers

Team Ultra