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Newgrounds Wiki: In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to past NG contributors who are no longer with us.

Stuart Wright, aka Maxxpump, 1988-2020 - Producing music was Maxxpump's main enjoyment in life, along with woodworking, blacksmithing, foraging, and traveling. He passed on May 16th due to a heart attack from complications from Covid. Original announcement.

Francisco Munguía Villalta, aka Munguia, 1976-2020 - Francisco joined NG in 2013 and has a celebrated history here. He showed up with his own signature art style and became prolific in the games space, with his Paintings Parody series (always a great source of medals) and more recent favorites like Straight Outta Pixels and Fun With Flags, for Pixel Day 2020.

The most rewarding part of following Francisco on NG was seeing his mural work in Costa Rica, such as the SOS Children Village Mura, Giant of the Rooftops in Cristo Rey and Children Rights mural at the PANI office for national child welfare. He will be missed greatly. Original announcement.

AxTekk, 1995-2020 - AxTekk was a great electronic and hip hop musician, gone too soon.

Michael McBride, aka AngelXMikey, 1992-2019 - Mikey had cystic fibrosis, survived 2 double lung transplants and ultimately succumbed to lung failure. He fought strongly for many years, inspiring others with his tenacity and positive outlook as he continued to create great art and animation. Mikey is a reminder to all of us that we can be better and do better. Original announcement.

Michael Bonar, aka RadiBits, 1997-2019 - Michael was best known on NG for his art but was also a regular on Hyun's Dojo, where he went by the name Zaix. You can listen to a podcast where he talks about his pulmonary hypertension.

Alex Lefkowitz, aka aml51z, 1986-2018 - Oldschool NG user who had since closed his account. Released Raging Flight in 2001 then worked with Doomhammr on Uniwar LC and McFretN on Combat Instinct 3. Original announcement.

Andreas Bachmann, aka 7IsUnlucky, 1995-2018 - Andreas was a member of the Madness community, with his own original movies and games. Local obituary.

Skye Boyes, aka XGen, 1982-2015 - Skye dominated NG in 2003 with games like Defend Your Castle, Fishy and Stick RPG. He went on to build a multiplayer server and release Super Motherload on consoles. He was a shining beacon of awesome. Original announcement.

Dave Harriman, aka EvilDave, 1966 - 2015 - EvilDave was one of the originals, making sick and twisted games and movies from the onset of the Portal. Original announcement.

Jeb aka j0bzx, 1992-2015 - Joined the Star Syndicate in 2007 and was a favorite among the crew.

Jude Momani, aka CheeseCakeLOL, 1998 - 2014 - Artist for the Cold Read series in StoryShift. Original announcement.

Lord-Humungus, 1973-2013 - Member of the Piconjoers and Star Syndicate. Original announcement.

Chance Banning aka Korded, 1986-2013 - Chance created the skullkid; one of the most popular games in the early days of Newgrounds. Original announcement.

Edd Gould aka Eddsworld, 1988-2012 - One of the most popular animators in the history of NG and the Internet. It's amazing what he accomplished over the course of a decade. Original announcement.

Randy Solem, 1975-2012 - An early pioneer of sprite movies, Randy inspired a generation to animate their favorite video game characters with Flash. Original announcement.

Sherbert, 2000-2012 - The official NG Cat and mascot for Cat Dynamics. He got to watch the site grow and his passing marked the end of an era. Original announcement.

Luccas Bode, 1989-2012 - 3D animator and regular in the stick community.

Ben Spurgin (also see BenSpurgin), 1977-2009 - While a lot of people were animating stick fights, Ben showed them full-figured frame-by-frame with his Stick Slayer series. Original announcement.

Tim Jewell aka Jewelltoons, 1990-2009 - Creator of the Drawn Dream series and other great works.

The Gimpsta, 1987-2008 - Audio Portal regular known for his video game music.

Tyler Johnston aka Major-punk, 1990-2008 - Collaborated with AfroUnderscoreStud on the Hitler ATW and CAI series.

Jeff Weise aka Regret, 1988-2005 - Jeff Weise wasn't a well-known user until his death, a suicide following a shooting spree. TheSmokingGun Article.

Adam Fulton aka Livecorpse, 1982-2004 - Forum regular and frequent collaborator, Livecorpse found himself if a tragic situation. Original announcement.

Zach Finley aka Cerealbox Clock, 1987-2004 - Forum regular and a budding game and web developer, Zach was a friend to many in the community. Original announcement.