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Newgrounds Wiki: In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to past NG contributors who are no longer with us.

Skye Boyes, aka XGen, 1982-2015 - Skye dominated NG in 2003 with games like Defend Your Castle, Fishy and Stick RPG. He went on to build a multiplayer server and release Super Motherload on consoles. He was a shining beacon of awesome. Original announcement.

Dave Harriman, aka EvilDave, 1966 - 2015 - EvilDave was one of the originals, making sick and twisted games and movies from the onset of the Portal. Original announcement.

Jeb aka j0bzx, 1992-2015 - Joined the Star Syndicate in 2007 and was a favorite among the crew.

Jude Momani, aka CheeseCakeLOL, 1998 - 2014 - Artist for the Cold Read series in StoryShift. Original announcement.

Lord-Humungus, 1973-2013 - Member of the Piconjoers and Star Syndicate. Original announcement.

Chance Banning aka Korded, 1986-2013 - Chance created the skullkid; one of the most popular games in the early days of Newgrounds. Original announcement.

Edd Gould aka Eddsworld, 1988-2012 - One of the most popular animators in the history of NG and the Internet. It's amazing what he accomplished over the course of a decade. Original announcement.

Randy Solem, 1975-2012 - An early pioneer of sprite movies, Randy inspired a generation to animate their favorite video game characters with Flash. Original announcement.

Sherbert, 2000-2012 - The official NG Cat and mascot for Cat Dynamics. He got to watch the site grow and his passing marked the end of an era. Original announcement.

Luccas Bode, 1989-2012 - 3D animator and regular in the stick community.

Ben Spurgin (also see BenSpurgin), 1977-2009 - While a lot of people were animating stick fights, Ben showed them full-figured frame-by-frame with his Stick Slayer series. Original announcement.

Tim Jewell aka Jewelltoons, 1990-2009 - Creator of the Drawn Dream series and other great works.

The Gimpsta, 1987-2008 - Audio Portal regular known for his video game music.

Tyler Johnston aka Major-punk, 1990-2008 - Collaborated with AfroUnderscoreStud on the Hitler ATW and CAI series.

Jeff Weise aka Regret, 1988-2005 - Jeff Weise wasn't a well-known user until his death, a suicide following a shooting spree. TheSmokingGun Article.

Adam Fulton aka Livecorpse, 1982-2004 - Forum regular and frequent collaborator, Livecorpse was the first tragic loss to the NG community. Original announcement.