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Newgrounds Wiki: 2010 Awards

Movie of the Year

Game of the Year

Musician of the Year

User of the Year

Formerly known as Bahamut.

Movie Nominees

Game Nominees

Movie Judges


Game Judges

The Voting Process

How were the nominees chosen?

The pool of nominees for each category is comprised of the following: The top winner from each month, winners of special NG contests and staff selections.

How was the panel chosen?

The list of people invited to participate in the final phase of this process were selected for their noted expertise in art and/or animation, familiarity with current Flash animating and programming techniques, or their contributions to the Newgrounds community. Every attempt was made to include a variety of people that cover the major aspects of making a submission for the considered category: artists, animators, programmers, designers, and game musicians.

How was the voting handled?

The winner in each category was chosen using a closed instant-runoff voting system, whereby each member of the panel privately chose five favorites from the list of nominees and ranked them in order of preference. If a submission received a majority of the votes, it was declared the winner. If no majority was achieved (e.g. does not receive more than 50 percent of the votes), the submission with the fewest votes was eliminated. The votes were then recounted with each ballot cast for the highest-ranked choice which has not been eliminated from contention in a previous round. The process repeated in this manner until a winner received a majority.