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Welcome to Telebubby Fun Land, back by popular demand and some legal council! This site is brought to you by Tom Fulp - creator of newgrounds, home of fine on-line excursions such as Club a Seal, Assassin, Cat Dynamics, and Beep Me Jesus! This site is meant for pure fun, and should not be taken seriously.

funpak    Download the Funpak! (108K)
- Satanic Stinky Winky wallpaper!
- Pojo w/ sheep wallpaper!
- Flash movie of Stinky Winky!!!
       funpak    Download Funpak 2! (914K)
- Pimp Daddy Pojo .EXE!
- Tyrones FDA Megamix!
- The Tubby Beat!!!

A while back, the BBC came down on me for this site. I had temporarily made "parodies of the parodies", replacing Po with Edgar Allen Po. Check these out!

A lot of people showed their support when the BBC was giving me trouble. Here's a list of some of my supporters! Thanks, everyone!!!

Fun Anti-BBC Fan-Flash:
  1. SABOTAGE - The first fan-made submission!
  2. Mercy Kill - A truly awesome shoot'em-up, with 3 weapons!
  3. The teletubbargggghhh - Funny cartoon
  4. Tele Death - A decent shooter
  5. Backstreet Tubbies - wtf.
Image by Matt Tynes

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