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Fukcing lPush, from 'Time Fkuc'

This doll is from a game about stasis, from a game about perspective and viewing both sides of the story from afar, from a game about blocks, platforms, drinking, high school reunions and work time fun.

This doll is a 1+1=2 formula that will ask more from you after you leave it alone. But you won't be able to put it down.

This doll is a play on how if one changes around the letters in a word on a toy's head, we all still see it as something that it's not.

This toy is all of those things sewn together. Do not rip the seams of this doll or you run the risk of being unable to escape from your current existence or shake the feeling of loss and panic.

This Steven plush doll from Time Fkuc was lovingly hand-made by Edmund's wife, Danielle. There are only 20 in stock, so don't miss your chance to get Fcuked!

Item Total: $20.00

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