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Sick Animation the CD Volume 1

The track listing pretty much says it all. Tracks include:

01. I Like Nerds
06. Walking Round the Bar for a Girl to Eat Out
10. Mammarys and Cammarys
14. I'm Putting Spoons in Your Girlfriend
20. A Dude Named Shawn
29. I Want a Bag of Cheetos to Spread its Lips and Sit on My Face
31. Let Me Put a Booger In [You] ... Chapter 1
38. Crunchy Juicy Meaty
42. Patrick's Mouth
47. Ridin' on a Mershaq Back
50. How Many Times Has Your Pee Split in Half
52. Dance Baby Dance

If you couldn't tell from the song titles let us spell it out for you: Warning, explicit lyrics!

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