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Jouste's Red Baron Poster

From the artist:

So a friend of mine (JakBaronKing) wanted a picture of that super classic Flash game Red Baron by the incredibly talented Mindchamber and company. Being totally crazy about armored bad-asses I couldn't resist!

Having been relatively new to the Newgrounds scene, I checked it out, before drawing it (and got to the sweetly animated third boss and beyond!!). The game is great, and I had loads of fun playing it and the Red Baron is totally awesome. I always like your stuff Mindchamber, it was a blast drawing your dude!

So here The Red Baron in all his gluttonous glory, ready to land on anything that stands in his way with a flurry of food and fighting! Battle on, you beautiful spined champion of Newgrounds!


Poster frame not included.

Item Total: $5.00

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