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Castle Crashers - Fab Knight

The Fabulous Knight used to be a hand-painted Castle Crashers' Red Knight. If you scraped away the pink paint you would find more paint underneath, now you'd just hit bone.

And it used to be available on and off in limited quantities as our hard-working Luis sought fit to produce them; and it was produced with love.

Now, however, this knight is mass produced like all the others with their machine-like precision, and come with a display case, display stand, the four original weapons, a special lollipop weapon, a shield, and just a touch of fabulous.

Figurine ©2007 The Behemoth, all rights reserved. | Made in China by animal orbs. | Assembled and packaged in the USA - "Git r done." | Warning: Ages 7+. Seriously kids, watch Hellraiser if you want to see what happens if you play with toys you're not supposed to. | Choking Hazard: Small Parts. Also, don't try to eat the actual action figure itself. You could probably put it into a lubricated condom and try to swallow that, but it's not a good idea. | Not for children under 3 years. Unless your children enjoy eating plastic. If they're able to eat a lot of plastic, be sure to notify the Guinness Book of World Records.

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