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Our Mascot's Sticker Sheet

It would be nice if your mom bought sugary cereals so you could get those nifty toy surprises. Instead, your mom shops at the organic food market and buys cereals with names like Count Soycula and Zenberry Oatblast. And the only surprise you're pulling out those boxes is a coupon for a free chakra adjustment from a guy named Moonbeam Hempthistle.

So, since you're not getting any neat stuff in your cereal, why not buy some Pico stickers instead? They won't make the soy taste any better, but they're better than backrubs from Moonbeam.

Price break-down: 1-10 @ 75¢ ea. | 11-50 @ 60¢ ea. | 51+ @ 50¢ ea.

Item Total: $0.75

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