Behold the magical Penicorn!

This little guy was first envisioned by one of our talented artists to kick off the launch of our new Art Forum and its first community art thread. It was entitled Unicorns with Dicks for Horns and continues to be one of our most viewed threads.

Now, on to the real story...

The "Magical Penicorn" is known to grant its owner wishes and long-lasting virility. Legend has it that evil forces cursed the Penicorn to shed the flesh from its magical horn, forcing it to become the lonely and mysterious beast of lore... the unicorn.

Sir Stamper of Newgrounds used his Magical Tablet to free the Penicorn from its curse... so that it could live freely as such for all eternity, spreading its forbidden fantasies and sinful delights across the land!

Bursting with uncontrollable love and craving the very same, this majestic creature from a time long forgotten has finally returned!

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