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From the organizer, Hans Van Harken:

"Imagine, any one of the extremely talented artists who contributed into this comic book might become an icon of the art world tomorrow. "One Shot" would be their first published, printed, and sold work of art.

This is your chance to turn your cash into a quagillion dollars in the future (perhaps near future). You're not just buying a comic but a multi-artist collector's item. Although each artist gets a page to tell a story, the main goal of this collaborative effort is to string together a vast range of styles from artists on the internet to the pages of a humble book.

You can own Odd Comics' very first issue today!"

Here's an obligatory list of artists in this issue:
Julio C. Lopes, Kevin Barrios, Jose Ortiz, Chris Gianelloni, Diana Laino, Dan Berry, Nathan Malone, Oscar Diaz, Luis Castanon, Hans Van Harken, Nathanial Milburn, Michael Swain, Steven Bryant, Alyssa Zevallos, Tyler Naugle, Ola Olsen Lysgaard, Jarred Johnson, Tyler Copes, Richard Sun, Corey Griffin, Vincent Charrot, Joe Sparrow, Ansel Matson Lies

Item Total: $15.00

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