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Awesome: O-Face Keychain

OK, buddy, sit down. Time for a little talk. Yes, the new Awesome keychain is $7.50, but that does not mean that Newgrounds is trying to gouge you on the price. See, look what you've done. You've made Bob cry. And after all he's done for you with the shipping and whatnot. Strong men also cry, Bob. Strong men also cry. Go take a break dude, everything's under control here.

OK, now see here my good man; this keychain is a little higher in price because the O-Face is raised above the background. Three dimensions, baby! So, let's say that someone - perhaps former United Nations Secretary General Boutrous Boutrous Ghali - were to say something bad about Egoraptor, you could smack him in with this keychain, leaving a permanent indentation of an "O" face in his forehead. Now, isn't that worth the extra cash? Of course it is. Now apologize to Bob and grab yourself a keychain.

Item Total: $7.50

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