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Newgrounds Writing Anthology

From the Newgrounds Writing Forum comes a collection of short stories and poetry designed to titillate, and to do other "tit-" things. Perhaps it will cause you to titivate.

Coming off the rousing success of its Kickstarter campaign, The Newgrounds Writing Anthology is the first Newgrounds print book and features the work of seventeen members of the Newgrounds Writing community. These stories were workshopped and polished to the high standards of professional publication. And the fact that these stories are bound in a gorgeous package, with the incredible cover design by Newgrounds user Jouste, will likely make The Newgrounds Writing Anthology the best-looking book on your shelf.

So if you're an aspiring writer, a creator looking for a writing partner, or just an enthusiastic reader, grab a copy of the Newgrounds Writing Anthology hardcover and come be a part of the conversation on The Newgrounds Writing Forum. Who knows what you might get involved with.

Anthology Editor: EKublai

Assistant Editor: DeftandEvil, AdamCook, KrisSalus

Original Idea: gumOnShoe

Item Total: $15.00

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