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Neurotically Yours - Volume 3

From the artist:

"Welcome one and all to the third volume of the cult cartoon, Neurotically Yours. Well, what's all this then? You silly bastard... Well, the cartoon revolves around a sarcastic squirrel named Foamy and his squirrelly friends, Pilz-E, Begley, and the Hatta' ... oh yeah, and his overly dramatic, perpetually lamenting "owner", Germaine. Foamy's trademark rants and Pilz-E's prescribed pill-popping aplenty are all here in all their angst ridden glory. This collection contains episodes 71 through 105 plus additional material like "Foamy's Hurricane Special" and "Ducky of Evil" Also this collection contains the very first episode in which The Hatta' makes his debut appearance. Be amazed and spread the word of Foamy!"

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