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Neurotically Yours - Volume 1

From the artist:

"Behold the first collection of the cult cartoon series Neurotically Yours. What awards has this series won? Don't gimme that crap. Awards are hollow trophies handed out by idiotic critics with no taste. Most folks will throw away some trendy award label on their DVD cover as if it actually means something. Anyway, this DVD contains episodes 1 through 35 all in chronological order so you can see the humble, crappy beginnings of the now mighty squirrelly empire. Enjoy endless ramblings from the foul-mouthed squirrel, Foamy, and inane laments from Germaine, the Goth chick that must endure Foamy on a daily basis... a fate worse than death. Both an important asset to the Gothic Sub-culture as well as an incredible testament of anger for the rest of our putrid society to acknowledge... this DVD must be owned! (Or the creator will go hungry.)"

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