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Random surprises from our office!

Who doesn't love surprises? Unless the surprise is a tax audit or genital warts, they're usually pretty fun.

Which is why we're pretty psyched about the surprise boxes we're putting together for you. For the low price of 25 bucks, you get a big box of goodies from the Newgrounds office.

Each box comes with at least six items which may or may not include shirts, DVDs, various swag from conventions Tom has attended, members of Tom's family, internal organs surgically removed from Tom's family, action figures, empty soda cans, a life size replica of P-Bot, whichever member of Milli Vanlli is still alive, puzzles, crack pipes, fingernail clippings, a rainbow, coaxial cable, ethernet cable, an actual living Alien Hominid, old batteries, a talking doll, a year's supply of Big League chew, VHS tapes, magazines, buttons, a coupon to have Bob come to your house and make salacious comments to your mother, and much, much more. If we can't get rid of it, its going in the garbage. And then of course, people from Ebaum's World are going to take it out of our dumpster and then try to get you to buy it for 50 bucks by passing it off as stuff that came from their office. So just buy it from us and save yourself the trouble.

[ Note: If you have a preferred shirt size, place it in parentheses after your name within the Shipping Address fields (NOT the Billing Address fields). Example: John Captain (medium). We'll do our best to meet requests. ]

[ Additional Note: Actual box not shown; there is, in fact, NOT a question mark on the Mystery Box nor is Mystery Box wrapped in brown paper. Any additional items you order from the store will be packed along with Mystery Box's contents inside the Mystery Box. ]

[ Final Note to Overseas Customers: Mystery Box may not actually be a surprise upon arrival as Customs Officials do not like Mystery Boxes. ]

Item Total: $25.00

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