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Ridin' on a Murshaq back!

You may know Shaquille O'Neal as the star of Blue Chips or perhaps the man who gave us the rap album You Can't Stop the Reign ("One of the best non cussing CDs I ever heard," says "Baby Poppa" in a four star review on

But did you realize that Shaquille O'Neal is now tampering in God's domain by transforming himself into a half man/half fish who spends his days taking kids to the prom? Isn't that a violation of both scientific ethics and human decency? Yes, it is. However, Shaquille O'Neal was willing to appear in both Kazaam and a music video from 311, so obviously he is completely cool with spitting in the face of everything that is good and decent in the world.

Is that something you're OK with? If so, celebrate it with this pretty cool poster of the Murshaq*.

*Note: The role of Shaquille O'Neal will be played on this poster by some black guy who's not Shaquille O'Neal.

Poster designed by Bryce Milburn for his forthcoming Newgrounds Photobook. His personal site can be found at

Original movie by Marc M.

Item Total: $5.00

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