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Larry & the Gnomes, the Soundtrack

Musician David Orr and jack-of-all-trades Josiah Brooks bring you the epic soundtrack featured in the game, "Larry and the Gnomes." Two parts swash-buckling and one part symphony orchestra, this album will have you challenging your co-workers to duels and swinging from chandeliers in no time.

Listen to a sample from the album first if you must, but don't let your collection of gnome paraphernalia fall short by missing out on this purchase.

Track listing:
1. Prelude
2. City of Karryon
3. Gnomish Magic
4. Open Valleys
5. Beast Master
6. Swamplands
7. Cries of the Forest
8. Hammer of the Gnomes
9. Twisted Shackles
10. Burden of War
11. The Gnome King
12. Larry's Theme (bonus track)
13. Saturday Morning Theme Song (bonus track)

Item Total: $8.00

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